NWU Mafikeng Campus student proves age is nothing but a number

For the North-West University Mafikeng Campus student, Musawenkosi Donia Saurombe (23) age is nothing but a number as she is set to become the youngest most educated person in Africa when she will be graduating in October. 

The Golden Key International Honour Society in Tucson, Arizona recently confirmed that she is to be the youngest most educated woman in Africa with a PhD.  This is testimony that indeed our country is working towards breaking the chains of poverty through education.

Musa recently submitted her PhD thesis in Industrial Psychology and is about to break the record for being the first student at the Mafikeng Campus to complete a PhD at the age of 23 making her the youngest female PhD graduate in Africa.

Musa is one of the few academics to have taken part in the annual international summit of the Golden Key International Honour Society which was recently held in the USA.  At the summit she was granted the opportunity of presenting her research which gave her international recognition.  She also serves on the executive management for Golden Key Mafikeng Campus, which is responsible for organising and directing community service events for the organisation.  This ensures that the Golden Key Committee reaches out and makes impact in the communities. 

Her persistent attitude keeps her focused on her vision and drives her to achieve her purpose in life, “I am defined by my African name ‘Musawenkosi’ which means ‘God’s grace’ and indeed my life continues to be a story of God’s Grace” she said.

“My message to women is that before you are a woman, you are a human being and always remember that you were created with intricacy and precision.  We each have a purpose on this earth and it is our duty as women to fulfil our purpose.  We must stop trying to be like men or better than them because there is a much more profound work that necessitates our diligent application, therefore we must not let ourselves be distracted in a futile quest to be better than others, but rather to be better than the woman we were yesterday. We are destined for greatness”, she concluded.

Source: http://www.nwu.ac.za

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