Baga-Phuduhucwana, municipality takes ‘land grabbers’ to court


Photo: (The portion of land next to Taung Sport ground illegally occupied)  


The upsurge in land invasion is a ‘matter of concern’ in Taung. This comes after more than fifty people illegally occupied a portion of land in the vicinity of Taung Sports ground for residential purposes.

Now, those ‘land grabbers’ are faced with legal ramifications after the Greater Taung Local Municipality and the Batlhaping Baga-Phuduhucwana Tribal Authority jointly launched a court interdict against them.

However, one of the land grabbers, Oratile Segosapelo said they will not demolish their shacks. Segosapelo said they have been trying to engage with the Baga-Phuduhucwana Tribal Council chief, Kgosi Tshepo Mankuroane for land allocation without any success.

“Mankuroane failed us dismally after numerous attempts to meet with him. We had a futile meeting with him on October 2017. And we are not afraid and we are happy that they took the matter to court.

“I stay at Taung Extension 6 in an RDP house. The place is overcrowded and cannot accommodate us as I stay with my children, wife and siblings. Our government continues to fail us hence we illegally occupied this portion of land,” he said.


Photo: (Some of illegal occupants already built shacks on the portion of land)

The Re Aga Taung Civic Organisation chairperson, Disco Lebitse said: “Our current leadership at the municipality and tribal council fail our community. Those offices are marred with fraud, corruption and maladministration.

“We believe that any unoccupied land needs to be allocated to our people. As a civic organization, we will fight this legal impediment along with our people. We are sick and tired of our current leadership both at municipal level and tribal council.”

Lebitse said they also want Mankuroane being deposed from his chieftainship position. He said they will embark on a peaceful march on the 20th of July 2018, calling for Mankuroane’s removal.

“There are leaders at the council who sold land for self-enrichment. So, we will meet both municipality and tribal council in court on the 16th of August 2018. However, we are not quite sure who will represent the tribal authority as we will ensure that Mankuroane is removed from his position as the chief before then,” he said.

Lebitse said most people need land for residential purposes and refusal to do so will lead to illegal occupation and an increasingly rancorous within Taung.

However, the Greater Taung Local Municipal Manager, Katlego Gabanakgosi said this in affidavit: “During January 2018, I was approached by Kgosi, who informed me that he had been contacted by some Taung residents who wanted to be allocated land for purposes of building residential houses thereon.

“However, Kgosi advised them that the said portion of land was to be developed and has been earmarked for extending the existing local meeting/ sports ground in order to cater for a larger number of people.”

He said due to financial constraints, the progress has been at slow pace but will be speeded up from the beginning of this financial year which will be from July 2018. Gabanakgosi added that although Mankuroane explained the above situation to respondents, they nevertheless insisted that the land be given to then for residential purposes.

“The Taung Sport Ground was congested at the time when former President, Thabo Mbeki visited Taung Community and the people had to jostle in order to just have a glimpse of visiting the president.

“The unlawful occupation of land or giving oneself another person’s land without consent or authorization of the land owner, constitutes a criminal offence in terms of Section 3 Prevention of Illegal Ejectment from Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 and/ or Section 1 of the Trespass Act 6 of 1959 and is accordingly forbidden,” he said.


Mokgoro: “Sports has the unique ability to heal, unite and change society”

PIC 2 Premier Mokgoro

North West Premier, Professor Job Mokgoro believes sports, football in particular, has the unique ability to heal, unite and change society for the better. Mokgoro was addressing the Maize Cup Gala Dinner which marked the beginning of the fourth edition of the annual Maize Cup tournament which is taking place this Saturday at James Motlatsi Stadium in Klerksdorp. 

The Maize Cup Gala Dinner was attended by the provincial government leadership, soccer legends as well as representatives of different soccer teams taking part, namely: Kaizer Chiefs, Buya Msuthu, Free State Stars and Chippa United.

Mokgoro said football has the ability to impact the society in a positive way.

“We have the responsibility to harness the power and appeal of the game to act as a catalyst for positive social change. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the universal popularity and appeal of football makes it a common denominator for everyone; irrespective of gender, age, race and social standing”  he said.  

Mokgoro said the provincial government remains committed to uniting the province to ensure that the ugly scenes witnessed recently in various towns, townships and villages of this province are never seen again.  

“The Bokone Bophirima Maize Cup is one vehicle that we can use as government to reach out to the citizens of our beautiful province as a means to reduce and eventually remove the trust deficit currently evident between the people and government. Through football we can build social cohesion in the province” he said.

The pre-season tournament has managed to attract professional soccer teams with massive following in this country, making it easier for government to communicate with the people using this platform.


Mokgareng Gospel choir ready to host Rustenburg

Baatlegi Ba Morena 1

Picture: (Baatlegi Ba Morena Gospel Choir ready to host Rustenburg)


Baatlegi Ba Morena Gospel Choir chairperson, Tshidiso Moreane said they are addressing socio-economic challenges affecting the youth in around Taung through music.

Moreane established the clap and tap dance choir early this year and they have already touched many people’s lives. He said the group consists of 90 youth from various villages in Taung.

Baatlegi Ba Morena Gospel Choir advert

“We educate the youth about substance and drug abuse. There are so many socio-economic challenges affecting our youth. We have unemployment, crime, HIV and AIDS, inequality and poverty that need to be taken into consideration.

“The choir gives hope to those who are affected. The aim is to develop the youth musically and ensure that they become great future leaders especially those who love clap and tap dance music,” he said.

Moreane said many youth lost hope and spend most of their time doing nothing. He said the music keeps them busy.

“We go out and sing against other choirs especially during the weekends. We also visit hospitals, clinics and NGOs to sing for patients and health practitioners alike.

“We also receive a necessary support from parents. My father, Batkley Mokaiemang Moreane, who is the President of the choir, always gives us words of encouragement. We have learnt that with discipline, dedication and determination, we can achieve our dream,” Moreane said.

He said the understanding of gospel encourages the people to behave in ways consistent. Moreane added that gospel choir put its faith in action in the public realm.

“We will be having a gospel show at Molatlhwa shop in Mokgareng village on the 29th of July 2018. We will be hosting the Bautlwile Lentswe Gospel choir from Rustenburg.

“We want to raise funds and the entrance fee will be only R50. We urge all community members to come and support us. Tickets are already available and those who want to buy can call us on 0828050049,” he said.

Moreane said the Baatlegi Ba Morena Gospel choir members also sell tickets. He said they will be releasing an album soon as their music plays a crucial role spiritually.

“The choir also guide individuals on moral conduct. We want to be conspicuous and play an integral part in community-building. I believe that if we work together, we can achieve more and develop a better society,” Moreane said. 

‘Govt officials fail to declare their business interests’

Joe Maswanganyi

Public Service Commission (PSC) said more than 700 Senior Managers in Public Service are in contravention of Regulation 19 of the Public Service Regulations of 2016.

The PSC revealed that a total number of 721 Senior Management Service members failed to declare their business interests. The commission released its quarterly report covering the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018 on the state of the public service.

The Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration/Monitoring and Evaluation chairperson, Joe Maswanganyi said: “We are concerned about the high number of Senior Management Services (SMS) members within the public service who failed to declare directorships in private and public companies, something which is in contravention of Regulation 19 of the Public Service Regulations of 2016.

“It is unacceptable that so many senior managers can be in contravention of regulations that are intended to ensure the credibility of the state. Senior managers are in the forefront of the fight against corruption and by declaring directorships, they prove accountability.”

He said the achievement of the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP) to create a state that is capable of implementing the developmental goals of the country, is depended on having ethical leaders who can drive government’s programmes.

Maswanganyi added that while the committee is in no way casting a judgement on the said officials, it has highlighted the necessity for compliance.

“More worrying is the fact that within this number, there are 19 directors-general/heads of departments at both national and provincial level. These custodians of the country’s finances should lead from the front and must at all times declare their interests.

“The committee has called on the Public Service Commission and the Minister of Public Service and Administration to urgently take adequate action against contravening officials. The committee will await a full briefing by the Public Service Commission on the report released today,” Maswanganyi said.


Prieska serial rapist gets life imprisonment

IMG-20180706-Shawn Rooi

Picture: (Prieska serial rapist, Shawn Rooi)


A 25 year-old man from Prieska was sentenced to life imprisonment and further 27 years by Northern Cape High Court in Kimberley on Wednesday.

Northern Cape police spokesperson, Sgt Sergio Kock said: “Prieska serial rapist, Shawn Rooi was found guilty of three counts of rape, two counts of house breaking with the intent to rape and one charge of obstructing a police officer from performing his duties.

“On the 1st of April 2017, the accused broke into premises in Prieska Plakkerskamp and raped a woman aged 55. The following day, Rooi also broke into another premises situated in Prieska Plakkerskamp and raped a 40 year–old woman with the same modus operandi.”

Kock said the accused was arrested in April 2017, but later released as both charges were temporarily withdrawn from the court role. He said during November 2017, Rooi raped his third victim, a ten year-old female in Prieska Plakkerskamp.

“He was arrested days later and a 10 year-old victim is the sister of Rooi’s former girlfriend and mother of his child. The accused remained in custody until his recent sentencing,” he said.

The Pixley Ka Seme Cluster Commander, Brig Nomahlube Sofika lauded the Detective Constable, Denzil Swarts from the Prieska SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit for a brilliant job done.

“It is with pride that we see our members working extremely hard to remove criminals from our streets. The convictions result in justice for the victims concerned and the community feel safer when the perpetrators are incarcerated.

“This will send out a stern message to criminals. Remember, when you do crime, you will do the time,” Kock said.


Two nabbed for robbery, others still at large

Postmasburg robbery


Two suspects aged 20 and 21 are expected to appear at Postmasburg Magistrate’s Court for robbery. Northern Cape police spokesperson, Capt Sergio Kock said the incident took place at Boichoko township in Postmasburg on Friday.

“The suspects were arrested by the vigilant Postmasburg Police after they allegedly robbed a tuck shop. Four men allegedly accosted the owner of the tuck shop at around 8pm, while he was busy locking up his business.

“The suspects allegedly hit the owner (25) with a bottle over his head. The victim was also assaulted with iron pipes. The suspects fled the crime scene with an undisclosed amount of money, cigarettes and airtime,” Kock said.

He said the police followed up on information and arrested a 20-year-old male suspect in Boichoko hours later. Kock added that the Postmasburg Visible Policing unit arrested the second suspect aged 21 the following day.

“We are still searching for the two other suspects who are still at large. Anyone with information that could lead to the suspects’ arrest can call D/Cst Ambrill Rossouw on 071 396 4285.

“Both suspects will appear in the Postmasburg Magistrate’s Court soon on charges of business robbery. The police investigation continues,” he said.



The matter has also been postponed to 24 January 2019.

Duduzane Zuma

JOHANNESBURG – Duduzane Zuma has been granted bail of R100,000 with conditions including handing in his passport.

Zuma has appeared in the Commercial Crimes Court after he was arrested and processed at the Johannesburg Central Police Station on Monday morning.

He has been charged with corruption in connection with the alleged failed attempt to bribe former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas.

Jonas claimed in an affidavit that he was called to a meeting with Zuma, Ajay Gupta and businessman Fana Hlongwane where Gupta allegedly offered him R600 million and the position of finance minister if he agreed to work with them.

Zuma entered the courtroom wearing leg irons but appeared rather upbeat and greeted journalists in the gallery.

The State told the court that it does not oppose bail and had agreed with the defence that Zuma pay R100,000 for his release.

The case has been postponed until January next year because the State says it requires more time to investigate and says there’s a possibility of more accused being added to the charge sheet.

Zuma agreed to hand in his passport and will make arrangements with the investigating officer if he wants to travel abroad.