Future SA: ‘State Capture campaign must continue’

Guptas brothers

Picture: Gupta brothers


FUTURE SA organisation said the campaign against ‘state capture’ must continue irrespective of the result of the motion of no confidence against South African President, Jacob Zuma. The organisation said it lauds MPs who put the country first, particularly ANC MPs who voted against President Jacob Zuma despite massive pressure from within the party.

“We also acknowledge the role of civil society, labour, business and religious organisations, as well as opposition parties who demonstrated in favour of the motion of no confidence leading up to and on 8 August, and who participated in the lunchtime shutdown today.

“To those who continue to support state capture, an increasingly corrupt government, and the narrow interests of a few, we say: history will judge you accordingly. You have betrayed the hopes of South Africans. You have tied the fortunes of the ANC to Zuma’s corrupt moral code,” Future SA said in a statement.

The organisation said while today’s motion against Zuma may not have succeeded, the fact that a number of ANC MPs have either voted in favour of the motion or abstained is an indication that Zuma no longer enjoys the full support of a significant number of members of his own party. It said that this is an indication that while he retains power for now, his base is certainly weakening.

“What was also clear leading up to today’s motion, is that ordinary South Africans have absolutely no confidence in the president. The protest marches, pickets and rallies in various parts of the country, which have increased in scale and geographical spread, are an indication that South Africans are no longer prepared to accept a captured state.

“Following today’s vote, we believe that efforts against state capture on all fronts must be intensified, as must be our campaigns to reclaim South Africa. Eradicating corruption is long term work. This will involve work in the legal sphere and in parliament, supporting public servants who want to expose corruption, mass mobilisation, awareness drives, the continued promotion of free speech and other Constitutional ideals, and rebuilding a vibrant civil society.”

Future SA said it will also require consistent pressure by society on government, demanding accountability and leadership in the interest of the people. The organisation said it will require pressure on political parties to elect representatives who are honest, and who are capable of the duties entrusted to them to take South Africa forward.

“FutureSA will keep the public informed of its ongoing public programmes and actions aimed at ending state capture and reclaiming South Africa.”




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