Mahikeng man walks 1317.5km to raise awareness


MAHIKENG man, Thato Molosankwe embarked on a life-changing journey to raise awareness against woman and child abuse. Molosankwe who also run Thato Molosankwe Foundation is currently walking from Cape Town to Mahikeng which is 1317.5km to raise awareness against the scourge.

“Woman and child abuse is a societal issue that need attention of each and every citizen. I decided to embark on this walk to raise awareness. The journey was not easy from the beginning because of lack of support and funding. However, I have received amazing support from people and well-wishers in various social platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.

“They started to heed the call and showed their support. Woman and child abuse is a societal factor that needs to be condemned. Many people are affected because of that debauched behaviour. I duped this walk #FatherSonMentorshipWalkAgainstWomenAndChildrenAbuse. The main aim is to motivate fathers to take full responsibility in raising their sons,” Molosankwe said.

He further said fathers need to educate their sons to respect women and adore them. A 39 year-old man said he engaged with men while on his journey.

Molosankwe is expected to arrive in Mahikeng on Wednesday to celebrate Woman’s Day.

“Some of those I engaged with, they said women sometimes push them to the edge. However, they agreed with me that resorting to violence is not a solution,” Molosankwe said.

Greater Taung Local Municipality representative, Crespo Menyatso said the municipality is in solidarity with Molosankwe’s meritorious act. Menyatso said the municipality also encourages men to take a stand against women and children abuse.

“We have few programmes in place to address the scourge. Women tend to keep quite simply because their abusers are soul providers. We also need to educate men about the importance of treating women and children equally. Let us have various Men’s Forums across and talk about this.

“The move will create a sense of understanding between women, men and children. The municipality also encourages victims to talk about abuse. Conversation about the incidence, prevalence and danger abuse is not a fun conversation, because that kind of talk riles the nerves and puts fear in bellies.

“However, we need to understand that knowledge is power. Talking about the abuse will assist us to win a battle. The reality is, when it comes to sexual abuse, our children are not automatically as safe as we’d like them to be. We may build around them a fortress of protection, but I want to argue that we have to build a defense within them,” he said.

Jesse Leroy LeRoux, 37 from Worcester decided to join Molosankwe. LeRoux said he was impressed by Molosankwe’s courage.

“I decided to take a walk with Molosankwe because we have many women and children being abuse in the country. So, it is imperative to take a stand and fight the scourge. I have been living in the street for three months now and I am unemployed.

“I experienced physical abuse after my father abused me. Now, I decided to run away from home because I could not take it anymore. I would like to encourage all those who experience abuse in any forms to speak out” he said.

ANC coordinator in Dr Ruth Mompati region, Pontsho Kgosieng said: “We support the initiative that Thato Molosankwe embarked on. We want to commend his bravery as the ANC and encourage other men to take a stand. The initiative will also restore hope on many women across the country.

“Working together will also ensure that we raising a proper society that will condemn the women and child abuse across all spectrums. Men need not only stop abusing women and children, but also stand up and be counted in the fight against these violent acts. We believe that real men do not abuse women and do not mistreat their children,” Kgosieng said.

Taung Youth Batallion (TYB) board member, Vela Ntuli said they use sport to disseminate a message against women and children abuse. Ntuli said Molosankwe’s initiative also encourage people to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

“We are working with various stakeholders to fight women and children abuse. We cannot win the fight alone. However, it will take every citizen to have abuse-free society. We have also programmes where we support those abused victims and encourage them to come forward. Our organisation also supports those who survived domestic violence and assist them to follow legal processes. We want to see all those abusers behind bars and justice taking its course,”

One of residents who attended the event, Goitseone Gill said: “I wanted to show my support as a man and say #NotInMyName. Creating awareness is imperative because the message will be delivered and eventually we will win a fight against this scourge.”- Newsnote



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