A man in court over ‘stolen’ meat 

TAUNG- A 42 YEAR-Old man was arrested in Khaukhwe village, near Taung for being in possession of suspected stolen livestock on Wednesday.

Pudimoe Police Station cluster spokesperson, Sgt Tebogo Thebe said the police opened a case of possession of suspected stolen property.
“The intelligence led arrest came after information was received via crime intelligence that a certain vehicle was expected to come and load stolen meat at Khaukwe village, near Pudimoe.
“Police had been looking for the said vehicle after information was received that, stolen livestock was usually loaded in the said vehicle,” Thebe said.
He further said the police waited for the opportunity and pounced on the said vehicle with load of animal carcasses inside.
“Police caught the vehicle with a load of stolen meat which is believed to be a cow. The vehicle was also confiscated and stored at Pudimoe SAP 13 store,” he said.

Thebe said that the suspect is expected to appear in Taung Magistrate court on Thursday. He said that investigation continues as police believe that more arrests are imminent.



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