Taung elderly receive RDP houses

Taung Houses

LOCAL Government and Human Settlement department handed over three houses to elderly people in Taung. Those who benefited said they are grateful that their dignities were restored.

One of the beneficiaries, Joseph Moreetsi (76) said he shared a mud house with his wife, Sylvia for most part of his life.

“I used to live in fear knowing that this mud house might collapse at any time. There was a time where the other part of the house collapsed after torrential rains,” Moreetsi said.

Other beneficiaries were France Saku (88), Motladilelo Kgautle (94) and Mosipidi Semino (47).

MEC for local government and human settlements department, Galaletsang Gaolaolwe said: “We have a responsibility to provide quality and decent houses to deprived people. We also want to ignite Madiba’s spirit of generosity and selflessness.

Taung houses 2

North West Premier’s wife, Kule Mahumapelo said older people play a significant role within the society. Mahumapelo further said intergenerational work is a great way to break down barriers between groups of people.

“We need to take care of our grandparents. The Grandparent’s Day initiative educates people on how to take care of elderly. Young people need to appreciate the experiences and skills of older people and vice versa so that we foster greater understanding between groups of people.

“There are still a significant number of older people living in poverty. With wealth inequality, comes health inequality. We will continue to assist government to fight against treble challenges like unemployment, inequality and poverty,” she said.

Mahumapelo added that older people have also contributed for many decades which are something which is often forgotten.

Source: Newsnote News Agency Network 





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