Taung hospital under fire after baby’s death


A 30 YEAR-Old woman from Losasaneng village, near Taung contemplates opening a lawsuit against the Taung District hospital.

  Dineo Mpofu alleges that her month-old baby died due to medical negligence at the hospital.

Mpofu said that things turned out for the worse when she was referred to the district hospital after giving birth at a local clinic.

  “My baby (Leungo) was born in April this year. I took Leungo to Mamutla clinic, but I was referred to Taung hospital where my ordeal began. A student nurse injected my son on the wrong vein while injecting him.

  “My baby developed a swollen hand as a result. The hospital referred me to Klerksdorp hospital for operational matter. However, I was forced to come and sleep over at Taung hospital in order for me to be ferried to Klerksdorp. My ordeal continues after I was taken to Klerksdorp hospital by department vehicle, but I had to hitch-hike back home after check-up with my baby on my back,” Mpofu said.

  She alleges that the hospital failed to organise a transport for her to go back to Taung and she was left stranded. Mpofu said unfortunately Leungo died last week Thursday because of complications.

  “I was so shocked when I saw my baby’s lifeless body in the bed. He was motionless with swallowed hand. So, we want the hospital to be responsible for its obliviousness,” she said.

 However, the North West Health department disputes Mphofu’s version of events.

Department spokesperson, Tebogo Lekgethwane said: “The patient was sent to Klerksdorp on the April 6. She did not inform the hospital about findings and medical management from Klerksdorp. Taung District Hospital only learnt about her discharge from Klersdorp through the media.

  On May 5, she was called for acknowledging the complaint. Complaints procedure was explained. She told the hospital management that she was supposed to be in Klersdorp that very same day. Unfortunately she failed to honour her appointment, booking was then made for the 11th May 2017.  The hospital fetched her from home on the 10th May 2017 so that she will be able to honour her appointment for the 11th May 2017 because she complained that she could not afford to transport herself from home in Losasaneng to Taung District Hospital,” he added.

  “She only found out in Klerksdorp on the 11th that the actual booking was for the 22nd May 2017. The hospital asked the escort nurse to persuade doctors to see her. She was seen and given a follow up date for the 18thMay 2017. She came back the same on the 11th May 2017 from Klerksdorp. The hospital arranged that she lodges overnight for her to be able to attend redress meeting on the 12th May 2017,” Lekgethwane said.

  He pointed out that on examination, it was found that the discoloration complained of on the child’s arm had cleared and the baby was able to move the arm.

  “She however complained that she does not have money to transport herself to the hospital even though the hospital fetched her on the 10th May 2017. She was asked how she feels about the treatment given to her and she said she was satisfied and that was recorded at the redress meeting.  

  However she did not honour her appointment for the 18th May 2017. The department therefore could not find any untoward issue on her treatment at the hospital.  It is however unfortunate that the patient has lost the baby and we offer condolences to her and the family,” Lekgethwane said.



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