Mayor presents R320m budget

DSC_0270Greater Taung Local Municipality Mayor Kgosi Nyoko Motlhabane tabling municipal buget speech for 2017-18

MORE than R63m has been set aside by Greater Taung Local Municipal mayor, Kgosi Nnyoko Motlhabane in quest to improve the lives of disadvantaged. Motlhabane tabled R320m municipal budget for 2017/18 financial year at Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre in Taung on Tuesday.

“More than R63m will be dedicated to Municipal Infrastructure Grants (MIG) projects in the municipality. Many far-flung areas will benefit. Lokgabeng village will receive a community hall worth R6 000 000.

“Kokomeng village will receive an access paved road with stormwater channel provision, road signs and marking worth R9 356 362. Some of the villages like Mase village will also receive a stormwater channel with stone pitching and a provision of pipe culverts worth R6 441 000,” he said.

Motlhabane added: “There are so many projects that will be implemented. Most communities have made their finally decisions in their respective community-based plenary meetings. The municipality will also take into consideration the implementation of the fifth administration vision.

“This will enhance growth to our economy through five concretes. We are also required to support economic growth through Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) by observing guidelines of Chamber of Commerce. The initiative is ward-based and will boost the economy growth especially in rustic areas.”

Motlhabane further said the municipality had already adopted 30% of local procurement in all projects across. He added that this will assist Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMMEs).

“All our economy interventions should be in line with our most prestigious principle of radical economic transformation that intends to boost people’s economic growth. Most people who continue to live in abject poverty are from deprived backgrounds.

“More efforts should be implemented without a failure to enhance the National Development Plan (NDP) too. Chapter 6, Section 42 of the municipal system Act 32 of 2000 and Chapter 7 of Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 deals with responsibility of the mayor which outlines the process in which broader consultative meetings with communities and stakeholders need to be upheld.

“We had consultative meetings with communities through Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The municipality also responded to many issues raised by communities. We are going to emphasise on accountability and create a good governance,” Motlhabane said.

He further said the municipality will ensure it achieve its mandate even though they operate on a shoe-string budget. Motlhabane said they depending heavily on revenue collection and having more people as indigents because of economic upheaval.

“We are working meticulously with our traditional leaders to ensure that they make land available for those who want to embark on entrepreneurship. The municipality will also ensure that maintenance of infrastructure is vital.

“However, there are some concerns that are provincial and national governments provision. We will work together with them to address those matters. We also need to attract investors to Taung to create economic growth. The municipality will also use tourism, agriculture, culture and mining to fight against treble challenges.

“Good mechanism needs to be developed to accelerate functionality of tourism attraction areas like Taung Skull World Heritage Site and other many hidden treasures. Batho Pele principle will be adhered to and community empowerment through Local Economic Development (LED) programme is imminent,” Motlhabane said.

He added that he recently visited three clinics in Dryharts, Kgomotso and Khudutlou villages in quest to verify level of service delivery to communities. Motlhabane said they have also facilitated 12 community projects to assist Taung hospital.

“The hospital experiences budget constraints to employ workforce. So, special programmes will come in handy. We have rural sanitation project where we install 620 VIP toilets in Madipelesa and Lokgabeng villages at the budget of R10m. We have upgraded a bulk water project to improve water distribution at Baga-Maidi region at the budget of R12m.

“The municipality is also doing some upgrade on a new water purification works, storage facilities, bulk pipes and pump stations at the budget of R239m. We also install high-mast lights worth R6.9m in ward 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14. An ongoing Chiefscourt bridge project was constructed at R7.2m,” he said.

Motlhabane said: “The growth of the economy will assist us in job creation and fight against unemployment, inequality and poverty. We will also mobilise our people especially the youth to contribute to the economy growth. We also emphasis on Back2Basics system by practicing Batho Pele principle.

“The municipality will continue to engage with its communities, deliver basic service delivery, and uphold good governance, having sound financial management and builds viable institution.”

He said the municipality was in line with North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo’s vision of Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) initiative. Motlhabane also said they will ensure that the land is available to the communities because without land, there is no transformation.

“The municipality will ensure that all incomplete projects across will receive necessary attention. We have already engaged with other stakeholders to bring financial support to capacitate Local Economic Development (LED) structure. More SMMEs especially owned by the youth will receive preference. -Newsnote



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  1. Heeee baàaaaa ward 2 road from Ntswanahatshe to Maganeng and Moretele to Khaukhwe? Ntswanahatshe hall? Khweeeeer


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