‘Multi-million rand Indoor Centre abandoned’

Manthe Indoor Centre

Picture: Abandoned Manthe Indoor Centre

HOPES of emerging and aspiring athletes to benefit from abandoned half-built Manthe Indoor Centre are slowly waning away after the multi-million project came to a grinding halt. The indoor centre was expected to help the youth to enhance and develop their skills.

Baga-Maidi community said it is in the dark regarding the delay of the project. The indoor centre was built more than three years ago.

“Taung consists of unemployed youth and poverty and we thought having an indoor centre here will nurture the abundance of talents that we having in our mist. Many youth rely on sport to bring social cohesion and fight unemployment, inequality and poverty,” one resident said.

Another resident said: “There is no development in the area. We having a local soccer teams here and we expected them to use the centre for skill developments. However, the project is wedged and no one wants to be accountable. Crime is the order of the day nowadays and that affects our youth.”

North West Department of Sport and Education acting spokesperson, Elias Malindi said the department is still investigating the matter. He said many projects were handed over to their department after sport configuration was incorporated to them from Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs (CATA) department.

“We are aware of the matter and we can swiftly say the continuity of the project will take place soon. We still need to engage with relevant authorities and see how we resolve it. We cannot say what caused the delay hence investigations,” Malindi said.

The Indoor Centre project came to a grinding hauled after the misunderstanding between the department and contractor. It is alleged that the contractor did not receive payment thus far.

More than 15 locals who were employment at the project lost their jobs in the process too.




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