North West ANC stalwart dies



FORMER Ramotshere-Moiloa mayor, Simon Senna past away. ANC provincial secretary, Dakota Legoete said Senna died at Military Hospital after long illness.

“We have learnt with great sadness of the passing of a veteran of our movement, Simon “De Bar” Senna. A 73 year-old was a member of the glorious Luthuli Detachment of Umkhonto weSizwe military wing of the ANC. This loss will be felt not only within the ANC in Bokone Bophirima, but throughout the broader structures of the party and its alliances.

“The mass democratic movement including Zeerust-based community is shocked by Senna’s passing. He served the ANC with loyalty and distinction throughout his adult life. We devastated to lose a person of his caliber who still had a lot to share with the movement. The ANC dips its revolutionary flag in honour of this servant of the people,” Legoete said.

A 73 year-old cadre is survived by his wife, Gaanaope Sally Senna, a daughter and
grandchildren. Senna was born in Gopane Village near Lehurutshe back in 1944.

“He participated in the 1957 uprising when women were marching against the pass laws and that is where he cut his teeth in the liberation struggle. Senna left the country in 1964 after a successful stint of courier work and assisted people to cross the South African border into Botswana to go to exile.

“He received military training in Egypt focusing on survival military skills. Senna proceeded to the Soviet Union in 1965 for advanced military training. He was part of the founding comrades who opened the Wankie/Sipholilo campaign against the then Rhodesian Government,” he said.

Legoete added that Senna also trained new cadres in 1976. He further said Senna went on to serve the ANC in diplomatic capacities in the then East Germany and Zambia.

“In 1993 when the ban on political organisations was lifted, Senna returned to the country and took up the demobilization option. He was then employed at Public Works department as a functionary in the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) projects.

“Senna also served as the first African National Congress Veterans League (ANCVL) Provincial Secretary in Bokone Bophirima. He was lated deployed as Ramotshere Moiloa local municipal mayor until he retired after the 2016 Local Government Elections,” Legoete said.

Memorial Service is scheduled as follows:
Date: 17th May 2017
Time: 10h00
Venue   : Gopane Village, Zeerust

Funeral Service is scheduled as follows:
Date    : 20th May 2017
Venue   : Gopane Village, Zeerust



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