Wolmaranstad-born politician adamant about ‘transformation’

Picture: (ANC PEC member in Bokone Bophirima, Rose Diphoko)

KLIPFONTEIN-born Rose Ketshabile Diphoko said becoming a politician was a calling for her. Diphoko who was born on a farm near Wolmaranstad, knows the pain of inequality and poverty.

However, she said people’s future should be determined by their backgrounds. Diphoko who is a Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) member in Bokone Bophirima is also adamant that the ruling party will steer people out of poverty.  

“I grew up on a farm in Klipfontein, outside Wolmaranstad. Life was not conducive by then and we went through hardships and tribulations. I started my schooling while I was nine year-old. We had to go and work at the nearby farms after school in order for us to have school fees money.   

“I joined politics because I wanted to be the voice of the voiceless. I could not sit back and turn a blind eye while our people were subjected to violence, abuse and inequality in their own country,” she said.

Diphoko said she joined African National Congress (ANC) not because she wanted to be self-enriched. However, she said she wanted to represent the masses and the ANC was the only political party that understands the needs of the impoverished.

“I joined ANC during transition back in 1995. I was recruited by Gopolang Mongale and Mahero Dintwe. I still believe that ANC is still relevant in political arena and what is happening within the party will pass. We must take note that ahead of each elective conference, there are some divisions and challenges experienced. However, the divisions are brought in because of different ideologies.

“I want to urge all our structures to be united and stand firm. You will remember that we once experience bloodshed in our province. However, things are back to normality since the inception of Mahumapelo as the provincial chairperson,” she said.

 A 42- year-old politician said ANC-led government came up with various programmes that benefit the country and its people. She further said through all challenges, ANC will continue to strive.

“I also want to urge our provincial chairperson, Supra Mahumapelo to consider another term. We see progress since he took over and we also believe in him because he has the interest of the organization at heart. We have two women in the top five leadership and that says a lot.

“Women continue to be in leadership positions either politically or academically. We can see transformation regarding more women being roped in as decision-makers. So, I am not intimidated as a woman because I know my capabilities. Women can deliver and having more women as executive mayors in the province attest to that,” Diphoko said.

Former Tswaing councilor occupied various positions in the ANC. Diphoko joined ANCYL in 1995 and was elected as the branch treasurer of the league in 2000. She was elected as the secretary of ward 12 ANCYL in 2003 until 2004.

“I am very grateful about all leadership positions I once occupied. I participated in all activities of ANC as a volunteer and I once also elected as a deputy secretary ANCYL in ward 12. I am the founding member of SACP branch and an active member in ward 12. I am also a founding member of ANCYL and recruiting officer in ward 12, led the ANCWL branch as the secretary from 2006-2008 in ward 12.

“I was elected in the ANCWL Regional Executive Committee in 2008 until 2011 when we were disbanded by ANCWL National Executive Committee (NEC). I was also elected as the PEC member for Young Communist League (YCL) in 2008 until 2010. I was then elected as PEC member for ANCYL and the PWC member until we were disbanded in 2013,” Diphoko said.

She was elected as the ANC PEC member in 2011 until 2015 and was appointed as a converner in Dr Ruth Mompati region. Diphoko was also appointed as the chairperson of International Relations sub-committee in2012.

“I was also appointed as the chairperson of Communication and Media Sub-committee of the PEC in 2013 until 2015. I was re-elected in the ANC PEC and served as a member of campaigns and mobilization sub-committee until to date. I am currently working as community developer in Wolmaranstad,” Diphoko said.- 

Source: http://www.newsnote.co.za 



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