Baga-Maidi community embark on a mass protests over roads

A MASSIVE protests for basic service delivery is expected to commence at Baga-Maidi circuit in Taung on Tuesday. 

One of the mass march organisers, Kenaleone Goitseone said they are gatvol with empty promises and want action. He said most of the roads in their area are not accessible especially during rainy season.

“We want basic service delivery and accessible roads. 90% of roads in Baga-Maidi area are inaccessible and that is hazardous.

“We deserve better as the residents. The protest will commence as scheduled and we invite all residents in Baga-Maidi to be part of the march,” Goitseone said.

Another march leader, Mothibi Makoro shared  the same sentiments. Makoro said: “​Yesterday’s meeting gave us an indication that our community want change and that change starts with what is happening today.  

“The march  continues contrary to what some of detractors misleading community members that the march has been cancelled.” 

Makoro shared  a word of advice to those he regard as stupid, self-centered and useless bunch of losers.

“You can continue to be lap dogs, but we cannot continue to welcome empty promises. Today’s mass protest is just the beginning of what is to come in the future,” he said.
Roads in areas like Molelema, Morokweng, Matsheng, Tlapeng, Kokomeng, Khudutlou, Picong, Dikhuting are gravel roads and are in bad conditions. 


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