Africa’s youngest female PhD student set to graduate at NWU

Africa’s youngest female PhD student is set to graduate at North West University (Mahikeng campus) on Tuesday .

Musawenkosi Saurombe, 23 will be conferred as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Psychology and that will make her the youngest female in Africa to obtain a PhD.

NWU’s Public Relations Officer at Mafikeng campus, Phenyo Mokgothu said currently Musa is a Post-Doctoral fellow at the university.

“She is responsible for teaching and supervision of postgraduate level research students. 

“Nurturing her passion and commitment towards community service, Musa is currently involved in various community engagements where she gives talks on women empowerment sharing her personal journey on what culminated her current success,” Mokgothu said. 

Saurombe said: “I am grateful to God beyond words for the milestone I have reached. This day has been long awaited and I am more overwhelmed that I passed my thesis with no corrections.

“The achievements just affirm to me that God never leaves any room for error when you trust in him. It can only be him at work in all of this,” she said. 


One thought on “Africa’s youngest female PhD student set to graduate at NWU

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