‘Let’s unite to quash white monopoly capital’ – ANCYL leader 

THE second biggest region of the ANC in the country, Ngaka Modiri Molema District of the North West Province, held ordinary meeting to assess the current developments in our country and the progress made towards the Regional Conference.

 ANC in Ngaka Modiri Molema, wishes to express their condemnation of the continued attempt by the white monopoly capital in the form of Save SA and Opposition parties to circumvent political processes of the Republic. They actively seek to co-govern with the elected executive by using courts and our people as platforms for pursuing mostly political positions.

  There is no truth to the political claim that is being peddled by the opposition and the beneficiaries of white monopoly capital that the government of the ANC and its President has lost a moral compass and has abounded the struggle of non- racial ,non -sexist, equal, Democratic and prosperous Nation.

  The African National Congress has remained faithful to the cause of Freedom. It leads the national struggle for the emancipation of all oppressed and exploited black people. It stands for a new order in South Africa where racism shall be a thing of the past and human dignity and equality shall prevail in the life of our country.

The ANC notes the call of impeachment of our President through a motion of no confidence as a demonstration of the political opportunism of the DA, EFF, COPE ect. They advance an argument about a ‘conscience vote’ in national parliament against the ANC when they can’t observe the same framework in their parties.

  Whereas the ANC appreciates and asserts that our parliamentary framework requires for Members of Parliament to approach matters of the House from the party-line, the mouth pieces of the rich DA and EFF has made noise about the need for MPs to defy instructions of their party. This they say in their continuous but useless bid to have the President of the Republic removed through a Vote of No Confidence, foolishly goading ANC MPs to lead a mutiny against their own leadership and mandate.

  South Africans have bestowed upon ANC the leadership responsibility to make a success of the country. This requires committed and focus action amongst members and leaders of the organisation, working hand in glove, with all societal partners. It further calls on the movement to unite all our people in a common cause – pushing back the frontiers of poverty, reducing inequality and reversing the tide against unemployment. The ANC therefore at all times should focus on common and national challenges in the interest of the people and to advance their aspirations.

  Accordingly ANC calls on its members and leaders to display unity of purpose at this time. From time to time there shall be divergent views on the nature and means to achieve the type of society we wish to construct. This is an inalienable characteristic of the broad church that defines the character of the African National Congress. Diversity and plurality of views does not mean division but robust and necessary engagement within our movement in our quest to deliver on our responsibility to our people.

  Members and leaders of the organization are expected to focus more on what contributes to unify the nation than what divides us. In this regard the leadership of the RTT unequivocally calls on our members to stop using funeral of our stalwart cde Kathy, may his soul rest in peace to air dissatisfactions. Our members are as always expected to display the highest levels of integrity, selflessness, trustworthiness, honesty and commitment to serve our people in the execution of their duties.

  Our bedrock is unshakeable.We must unite and follow in the footsteps of our martyrs – in the footsteps of the men who fell in the frontline in South Africa and Zimbabwe and in other countries. Let us think of all the patriots languishing in Vorster`s dungeons – Mandela, Mbeki,  Bram Fischer, Ahmed Kathrada, Goldberg. Others like Kalushawho were killed in prison, and many more have been killed and continue to die in jail. They go unheralded but confident that we will avenge their death.

  We note with appreciation that a number of millions supporters of our cause now pin-point the source of the problem causing perpetuation of the economics system – that is, the ever-growing collaboration between the Washington and London to destroy countries that opposes the old way of doing things.

  The downgrade of South Africa’s sovereign rating by credit rating agency, Standard and Poor (S&P),this decision must and does give impetus on our ANC led government to redouble its efforts to use its BRICS membership to fast-track the establishment of BRICS rating agency.

  The RTT remains firmly committed to promoting sound and prudent financial management. We have full confidence in the newly appointed Minister of Finance, Comrade MalusiGigaba and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Comrade Sfiso Buthelezi and other Ministers and Deputies.

  The RTT in Ngaka Modiri Molema is gravely concerned about the serious breach of confidentiality between ourselves and our Alliance Partner, the South African Communist Party (SACP). This follows from a leak of discussion held in confidence in a bilateral meeting between the two parties.

  Furthermore, we are seriously concerned about the call of SACP to contest elections, it proved that through the sacrifices, and in the face of brutal enemy repression and persecution was wasteful. This claim reveals a moral and ideological weakness committed by the SACP.

We congratulate our President for keeping communists leaders in his cabinet, as this shows that the alliance unity is of paramount importance to the organization though they are not trustworthy.

  RTT in Ngaka Modiri Molema categorically condemns the behaviour of COSATU. The ANC does not meddle in the election of leadership of COSATU and its affiliates, instead supports and works with whatever collectives elected.

  The ANC is currently engaged in an extensive organizational process to establish a common understanding of the problems of the movement amongst our structures. This we do so that,    “Through the eye of the needle”, we may reach a collective appreciation on the nature of leadership required to take our organisation forward. Our alliance partners are expected to reinforce this strategic work of fostering unity amongst ANC structures and the Alliance broadly. Members of Cosatu and its affiliates, in their capacity as members of the ANC, are therefore encouraged to participate in this process.

  The act of driving the movement into competing pronouncements about leadership preferences deviates our attention from the crucial political task of building this collective understanding. Our organizational unity has to be built on solid political and theoretical grounds about the substance and depth of our challenges as a revolutionary movement before venturing into secondary matters of leadership selection.

  Part of the political tradition of the alliance is the mutual respect of each other’s internal processes. Whilst we appreciate the interest of our allies in the substance and form of the direction of our revolutionary political programme, we reject their misguided undermine of the ANC’s control over its own internal organizational matters.

  We implore Cosatu leadership to reign on their affiliates and assert an understanding that the succession debate of the ANC will be led by the ANC at a moment organizationally determined by the ANC.

  The RTT confirmed its confidence in the processes leading to the regional conference, to rise to the challenge of charting a path for the movement for the next years, to unite and strengthen the movement, and to adopt policies and programmes that make a real difference to the lives of all residents of Ngaka Modiri Molema, particularly the poor.

  In the conference, which will be held soon, delegates will be required to faithfully reflect the views of the general membership of the ANC. Delegates will also need to demonstrate the discipline and commitment to this task that the structures who mandated them will expect.

It is important that participants at conference, whether delegates, observers or guests, desist from any conduct that may be divisive, disruptive or otherwise deviate from the democratic traditions of the movement.

  The RTT encourages members of the ANC to rededicate them to the struggle to liberate South Africa from the chains of white monopoly capital and smash this monster.

  Members must arm themselves with the willpower and fearlessness of Ngaka Modiri Molema: the endurance and vision of Cde Jacob Zuma, the courage and resourcefulness of Cde SOR Mahumapelo; the farsightedness and dedication of S.P. Makgatho, Sol Plaatjies, Langalibalele Dube, Isakaka Seme and all founding-fathers of the African National Congress.

  Let the dream of President Jacob Zuma who cherish a great alliance of African people to resist their separate conquest come true in our lifetime.

  Let us fight for Economic Freedom. The white monopoly capital enemy in South Africa can and must be defeated. Let the courage and inspiration spring from those fallen heroes who have already set us a good example on the battlefield.

Victor Tsie is ANC regional task team coordinator for Ngaka Modiri Molema. 

Source: http://www.thenewage.co.za


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