‘Taung VW Polo Club donates to the needy’

Obakeng Disability Centre

(Pictures Supplied)


TWO non-profit organisations from Taung benefited from Taung VW Polo Club during Easter holiday. The club coordinator, Leroy Molefe said it was imperative to donate food parcels and other belongings to deprived people.

“We have spent more than R4 300 to bring smiles on both founders of Obakeng Disability Centre in Manthe village and Boichoko Home in Rooiwaal village in Taung. This was a good initiative from our dedicated members. We believe that many lives of those underprivileged will change for the better.

“We are a dedicated 18 members of the team. The club was formed more than two years ago and we also invite those who own VW Polo across Taung to juncture with us too. We donate R100 every month to the club and the main aim is to assist as many charitable organisations as possible. We also encourage other stakeholders to donate in order for us to achieve more,” Molefe said.

Boichoko Home

Obakeng Disability Centre founder, Lasita Tong welcomed the donations. Tong said this was an amazing opportunity for her organisation.

“I am grateful about the donations. The donations will go a long way because we are taking care of more than 23 impaired children. Since I established the organisation back in 2001 and we operating in a small building. We cannot gratify many children as there is lack of resources.

“However, the Social Development department has assisted us with little they have. We urge more sponsors to come on board to build a bigger home for the needy. Transformation of otherwise empty lot into a safe and secure home is important. We need not to discriminate against those who live with disability, but give a tangible symbol of faithfulness and unconditional love to them,” she said.

Greater Taung is predominantly rural and most people continue to live in abject poverty.


One thought on “‘Taung VW Polo Club donates to the needy’

  1. Hi my name is Precious I have read about your good work you are doing for disability people’s , and I will like to be a member so that I can help as well I’m will be very happy if I can hear from you , plz email for me the information of how can I send my contribution .


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