Three escape death in a car crash


KROONSTAD- THREE people miraculously escaped death after an accident in Kroonstad in the early hours of Wednesday. Netcare 911 spokesperson, Chris Botha said that the vehicle was severely damaged and the truck was wedged on top of the trailer.

“Three people escaped with only minor injuries and did not require hospitalisation. Our paramedics were summoned to the accident scene at 3am. According to reports from the scene indicate that severe mist in the area with a visibility of ten metres led to a truck driving in the yellow lane. Unable to see that a vehicle was stationary, the truck slammed into the rear of it.

“Please when you drive through areas that has severe mist, reduce your speed considerably. Do not put your lights on bright as it will reflect in the mist. Also do not try to drive in the breakdown lane,” Botha said.

He further said if the visibility is so bad that you cannot see, rather find a safe spot to pull far off the road and wait until it clears. Botha added that people should rather be safe than end up in a serious collision.

“When you breakdown in such conditions please make sure you keep your hazard lights on, to ensure that other drivers are able to see you.”



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