‘New forum wants to depose Mahumapelo’

DSC_0196Premier Supra Mahumapelo at media briefing

Pic:  (Bokone Bophirima Premier, Supra Mahumapelo) 


BOKONE Bophirima provincial government Director-General, Dr Lydia Sebego has assured the people of the province that government work would proceed as normal amid reported pickets planned for Wednesday.

Sebego reacted to media reports that claims that a newly formed forum called Anti State Capture Forum in North West has organised the picket. According to Sebego, the forum call for Premier, Supra Mahumapelo to resign.

“It is sad that in this day when democratic processes are communicated almost on a daily basis, we still find people forming alliances of convenience and making unfounded allegations to try and mislead our people. Mahumapelo and the provincial government were democratically elected and anyone who is unhappy with his presence should use the democratic route, which is only through the ballot.

“It is clear that a media campaign was being waged to tarnish Mahumapelo’s name with unfounded allegations. The reason this small group of people has chosen to do this through a media campaign is because they know there’s a very little chance that they would be asked to present evidence,” Sebego said.

Sebego further said they were also disappointed that this new forum is exploiting the pain that the province and the country at large felt with the 2012 Marikana tragedy.

“Taking such unfounded allegations to Marikana is equal to playing on our people’s emotions and exploiting the same poor people this group claims to represent. Our government respect everyone’s constitutional right to protest or march, as long as they do that peacefully.

“We respect the democratic right to protest or picket, as long as in the process the protesters also remember their responsibility to respect other people’s rights,” she said.

Mahumapelo once again reiterated that anyone who alleges corruption to approach the relevant law enforcement agencies with evidence.




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