ANC has lost its moral ground: Khoza

African National Congress (ANC) MP, Makhosi Khoza has defended her comments regarding the state of the ANC.

Khoza has received widespread criticism after writing on her Facebook page that politics of patronage have finally claimed the sanity of the ANC leadership.

In sharing her thoughts, Khoza describes the leadership of the ANC as ill-advised and harmful to the relevance and lifespan of the party.

Speaking on AM Live, Khoza says no matter how ANC MPs will vote on the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma on the 18th of April; the ANC has lost its moral ground.

“Whether the ANC votes for or against, equally the ANC is going to lose. I honestly don’t believe that we have taken into account the fact that we’re not just voted by our members of the ANC. Last election we got over 11 million, 10 million of those people they’re not card carrying members of the ANC and we need to be listening to that. Hence I was saying that we’re a leader of society and I really don’t see anything wrong with what I said.”Source:


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