Mahumapelo: ‘Defamation case against NWBF still on the roll’

Bokone Bophirima Premier, Supra Mahumapelo vehemently dismissed media reports alleging that he has withdrawn his defamation case against the North West Business Forum (NWBF).

Provincial Government spokesperson Brian Setswambung said the case has been removed from the court’s urgent roll with costs reserved. Setswambung further said this followed an agreement between the two parties.

“Lawyers representing Mahumapelo served the NWBF’s Fana Moraka, Sello Mogodiri, Themba Gwabeni and Oupa Mphomane with papers calling on the group to end its smear campaign against him. 

“The papers also demanded that the group stops its attacks on Mahumapelo’s reputation and good name, among others. Mahumapelo’s lawyers demanded that the group stops its actions and provide a written apology or face litigation,” Setswambung said.

He said Mahumapelo initiated legal proceedings against the group following its endorsement of two songs which purported the Premier to be corrupt. 

“This was followed by a sustained campaign on various media platforms where the same allegations were repeated, including a media briefing on 14 February 2017 in Mahikeng.

“The Premier would like to set the record straight and debunk the myth that claims that the defamation case against the NWBF has been withdrawn,” Setswambung said.

“The fact of the matter is that the case has been removed from the urgent roll and the respondents, who agreed to the removal were consulted. The matter will still sit, albeit not on an urgent basis,” he said.


Setswambung said the group has, in its papers, stated that they do not intend to defameahumapelo or commit any violence or influence any party to do such.


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