FEED department observes World Consumer Rights Day


North West Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development (FEED) department will be celebrating World Consumer Rights Day by having an interactive session with consumers under the theme “Consumer in the digital era” at White Hall, in Brits. 

MEC for FEED, Wendy Nelson said prior to this, there will be various activities to promote and protect the rights of the consumers against unscrupulous business practices relating to the digital transactions which includes ATM fraud, misleading on line advertising and trading.  

“This is an international theme proposed by Consumer International and the department have received a number of complaints in relation to digital transactions.  

“Most of the consumers indicated that they have lost money through online shopping and the investigations shows that this is as a result of adequate knowledge on the pros and cons of the sales associated with on line trading,” she said.

Nelson said some consumers were not aware of customs related duties as suppliers might be outside the country.
“Consumers will be afforded an opportunity to interact with various regulatory bodies which include National Credit Regulator (NCR), National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), Department of Home Affairs and the North West Liquor Authority.

“This session will be preceded by massive joint road shows in Brits and surrounding areas in which consumers will be reminded on their rights and responsibilities,” she said.

Nelson further said by facilitating such programmes, the department intends to ensure that the rights of consumers are protected and respected and also to address social injustices which undermine them through advocacy,” she said.

Nelson further said that it is the duty of the government to ensure that consumers do not get a raw deal and also that business people need to value their customers’ worth in the economic cycle. 

“As government, we need to strengthen the economy by creating a conducive environment for both our businesses and consumers. It is clear that this will be a path to Rebranding, Renewal and Healing of our province.   

“Government employees, Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Community Development Workers (CDWs), Pensioners and Community members at large are invited to come and get information about issues that affect them on daily basis,” she said.



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