A search for missing girls in Bloemhof continues

Picture: One of the missing girls, Rethabile


THE search for two missing girls in Boitumelong Location, near Bloemhof continues. Matseleng Nteta(7) and her friend, Rethabile Tshabadira(3) allegedly went  to the shop to buy sweets, but they never came back.

Maria Nteta (28) who is the mother to Matseleng said: “The incident took place last week Tuesday. My daughter, Matseleng was playing along with her friend, Rethabile in the street. They allegedly went to the shop to buy sweets and it was the last time we saw them.”

Rethabile’s grandmother, Lenah Tshabadira (49) said the police have failed them. She said the police delayed on opening the case.

“Rethabile was a bubbly person and I urge anyone who saw them to inform us or call the police. The police took 48 hours to intensify a search,” she said.

North West police spokeswoman, Lt Colonel Pelonomi Makau said: “The missing children were residing at Extension 5 in Boitumelong location,  Bloemhof. We urge all those who have any information to call Captions Sebolai on 0725053045.” 


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