A medical school earmarked for North West Province

TAUNG – Following an intensive consultation with stakeholders in the health and education sectors, an agreement that the North West Province must have a medical school has been reached. To be established through the North West University, it is expected that this medical school will attract medical specialists from international countries to the province.

This was pronounced today, Friday 24 February 2017 by Premier Supra Mahumapelo while delivering a State of the Province Address at Taung Sports Ground in Greater Taung Local Municipality.  

While busy with logistics to set up the medical school, the province will continue to use the National Inter-Country agreement with countries like Cuba, Tunisia and Iran, to facilitate the recruitment of specialists.

“We managed to recruit 54 specialists from Cuba and Iran, who are employed on a three year renewable contract,” Premier Mahumapelo said.

In highlighting the province’s continued efforts to improve access to health care services, Premier Mahumapelo told the Provincial Legislature that a total of 47 clinics are now operating 24 hours a day.  

“For some of our health facilities that are not providing 24/7 hours service, we have   strengthened our doctors outreach teams coverage and maternity services for pregnant women.

“We will be deploying an integrated public health care mobile service to treat, diagnose and promote health in the rural areas,’ he said.

Mahumapelo said the province is working with the private sector and the mining industry to increase the Emergency Medical Rescue Services in the rural areas, adding that the ultimate goal is to have at least one ambulance stationed at each clinic in the province.  



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