‘New author ready to conquer the world’

Picture: Taung author, Khumo Seane

KHUMO Seane said reading expose people to new things, new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve their goals. Seane who is a writer, said he will be launching his new book called Konyana.

“Reading does enhance you and begin to understand the world better. You can begin to have a greater understanding on topics that interest you through reading.

“I was inspired by my grandfather’s excellent use of Setswana literature. His ability to entertain people using his mother’s tongue was marvellous. I was motivated to love Setswana more,” Seane said.

He further said he decided to promote Setswana language by writing a book. Taung-based author was born in Manthe village and said he is expecting to write more books in the future.

“This is my first book, but nevertheless more still to come. My book consists of hardships, trials and turbulent we going through as individuals. However, the theme is to never give up no matter what. I wrote this book to enlighten people that they should never give up in life.

“We should be persistence in every way possible to achieve our goal. I want people to be aware that one can prosper even through all the challenges you are faced with. The book narrates a life of a boy who grew up to become a man,” he said.

Seane who is a teacher by profession, added that the boy was faced with a bleak future because of poverty and financial constraints.

“The character believed in the living God and asked for serenity. He kept on praying and God rewarded him. He became so successful in life and never forgets where he came from. In a nutshell, the book talks about two lives which was the past and the present.

“The mix of two lives abetted the character to be meticulously attached to his roots and in the other hand he enjoyed being entertained by present life. I worked with my former Setswana teacher who edited the book. Pinagare High School teacher, Ms Bonolo Job has always been there for me even during my tertiary life,” he said.

Seane added that he was not afraid that people do not read books nowadays. He further said even though people especially the youth spend more time on social media, he will encourage them to read.

“It is imperative to nurture a reading society. A society that does not read can be led amiss. We need to develop that reading mentality and know what is happening around us. I regard social media as an entertainment dynasty. People should be entertained, yet not be kept away from reading.

“Reading trains the mind to work effectively. We also have to encourage children to read from the tender age. I am also grateful that the department of Education and Sport Development came up with a strategic plan called “Drop all and Read” at various schools,” Seane said.

He further said his upbringing was a lesson. Manthestad-born graduate said he interacted with many people and learnt a lot about human nature.

“We are diverse as human beings and my parents would always encourage me to read for them before I sleep while I was still young. Even though it was a challenge by then, I am reaping the rewards of that now. I received unwavering support from my family, friends and my broader fans.

“The official launch of the book will be on February 27 at Diamond Lil’s in Bloemfontein. People love my work and that encourages me to work hard. I also do motivational talks especially amongst the youth. I always encourage them to study harder because without education, there is no future,” Seane said.

He further said it is difficult to find employment without proper education and training nowadays. Seane is armed with Degree in Education from Central University of Technology.

“I want to assist as many learners as possible to reach their potential. I also want to own a publishing company in five years’ time. If your dream does not scare you, it is not big enough I guess.” – Newsnote


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