‘Molelema community up in arms’


MEN Against Crime in Molelema village, near Taung said they are gatvol about spate of crimes taking place in their area. The civic organisation chairperson, Pule Mothupi said they gathered today to discuss strategic plans to fight crime.

“Recently two suspects entered a tuckshop and pointed a wife of the tuckshop owner, Christian Yao Fumey who is from Ghana with knives. They stole money and took a firearm belonging to Fumey who was not in the house during the robbery. We arrested the suspects after we chased after them.

“We also worried because Kokomeng Police Station has been shut down. The only Police Station that is available is in Taung which is over 35km away. We are also not happy about the response we receive from SAPS. However, we are working together with Community Policing Forum (CPF) in the area,” Mothupi said.

Another member, Simon Phakedi said: “Crime affect their livelihood because they lose assets. Last week, two vehicles were stolen in the area, older persons are being robbed their pension grants. We cannot allow criminals to turn our area into their criminal activities nest. We will ensure that those perpetrators are kept in custody and do not receive bail. We losing livestock because of criminals.”

One of pensioners, Elizabeth Leeuw shared the same sentiments. Leeuw said they are the most vulnerable group in the society as elders.

“Some of elderly are being raped and stabbed by criminals. We are not safe in our own homes and we hope SAPS and other stakeholders react swiftly,” Leeuw said.

Tuckshop owner, Refilwe Sebubi said: “I was asleep last week Friday at around 3am when I heard people in my house. Two people approached me and pointed me with a knife. One of the perpetrators put a knife in my mouth and demanded cash. They stole over R4000 from my tuckshop and fled.

“However, a swift reaction from Men Against Crime members came to my rescue after we screamed for help. They came to my house and I explained to them what happed. One of the community members saw those suspects while boarding a bus to town. The MAC organisation members chased the bus and the suspects were arrested in Mothanthanyaneng village.”

North West Police spokesperson, Lt Colonel Pelonomi Makau said the two suspects appeared in Taung Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

“Three suspects were arrested in Molelema village and appeared in Taung Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. Phetogo Kodisang, Thabang Matsogo and Thato Motswakae were arrested and charged for business robbery. They were denied bail and their case was postponed until February 21 for formal bail application,” Makau said.

Meanwhile, MEC of Community Safety and Transport Management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane in conjunction with Mahikeng SAPS, Mahikeng Local Municipality and Mahikeng community de-bushed one of the notorious crime hot spots in Mmabatho recently.

The campaign took place behind Mmabatho Stadium.

This crime hot spot is mainly used by cyclists and pedestrians from the community of Lokaleng village, students attending at Taletso TVET College and at the North West University.

These often fall victims of numerous crime incidences like rapes, muggings, hijacking, stalking, assaults and robberies.

Community members who were part of the clean-up campaign were happy about the efforts taken by government to fight the crime in the area.

“We are sick and tired of living in fear and it is time to work together towards the safety of the community,” said Lebogang Mokaleng of Montshioa Township.

Motlhabane was overwhelmed to see the local community showcasing their courage in fighting crime.

Community members were well-equipped with Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) which included amongst others; hand saws, rakes, grass slashes and petrol grass cutter in order to cut the trees and grass around the area.

“A double sided crime information board was also erected to warn the pedestrians, walkers and cyclists who pass through that road about the crimes that often happen around the area.

“I am impressed about the hard work and the passion to fight crime. It is very impressive to see the community come together to fight against crime in their area.,” Motlhabane said.

He said the communities need to fight for what was right. Motlhabane further said even though the area is cleared that alone does not mean residents are safe to pass through the area at any given time of the day more especially after hours.

“The community should remain vigilant at all times,” he said.-Newsnote




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