DA: ‘Mahumapelo behaves like Zuma’s lapdog’



DEMOCRATIC Alliance in North West said ANC provincial chairperson and Premier, Supra Mahumapelo will do anything to be in President Jacob Zuma’s good books.

DA provincial leader, Joe McGluwa said: “Mahumapelo is sending former Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe to Parliament as an ANC MP to represent the North West. This shows that Mahumapelo will do anything to please Jacob Zuma. Brian Molefe is so compromised individual and he was forced to resign from Eskom after damning findings against him in the State of Capture report.

“Molefe deserves absolutely no role in public life going forward. But again, Mahumapelo has slouched down at the feet of Jacob Zuma and compromised our province. Molefe will not serve the people of the North West in Parliament, but serve Zuma and the Guptas.”

McGluwa said people should not forget that Molefe went onto national television in an attempt to deceive the nation.

“He claimed that he visited a non-existent shebeen in Saxonwold, while visiting Guptas. Our province deserves MPs who go to Parliament to serve us, not MPs who have just recently attempted to lie to us on national television. Just like Mahumapelo who want to erect Zuma statue.

“That statue will be a monument to corruption and unemployment. Sending Molefe to Parliament is another act of putting Zuma first, and putting the people last. This is how ANC operates and the only approach that Mahumapelo knows,” he said.

He further said the people of the North West do not need a multi-million rand statue of Jacob Zuma and a compromised MP like Molefe.

However, ANC in North West refuted the claims and congratulated Molefe for making it into the list of the Members of Parliament from Bokone Bophirima.

ANC provincial secretary, Dakota Legoete said: “We also appreciate the decision by the national leadership of the ANC to consider and eventually ratify our Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) submission to have Cde Brian Molefe filling the depleted list of ANC MPs. The ANC in Bokone Bophirima has noted the reaction to the announcement by Parliament that Cde Molefe has been nominated to fill a vacancy on our province’s MP list.

“We acknowledge that everyone has got the right to voice their opinion, especially about politics and governance. We, however are disappointed that most of the negative reaction to the nomination of Cde Molefe is based on inaccurate information.”

He further said they wanted to caution their members and supporters about individuals who seek to mislead them and distort information regarding Molefe’s membership.

“It is disappointing that even some within the ANC, such as former ANC Bokone Bophirima deputy provincial chairperson, Cde China Dodovu spread the falsehood that Molefe is not a member of ANC in our province or a resident of Bokone Bophirima. For the record, Cde Brian is an ANC member in good standing of Ward 29 in Hartebeespoortdam in Madibeng Local Municipality.

“We call on Dodovu to back up his allegations with facts and evidence. It is interesting that he (China Dodovu) prefers to spread these unfounded allegations on social media platforms instead of bringing them to the attention of the party he claims to love,” Legoete said.

He added that Dodovu should know the correct channels for raising his views. Legoete said many people know Molefe as a former Eskom Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“We know him as a fellow hardworking comrade who is committed to contribute to the success of this democracy. His credentials are unquestionable, having served as CEO of Transnet, CEO of Public Investment Corporation, Director at Airports Company South Africa, Deputy Director General at the National Treasury and Director for Intergovernmental Relations at the Treasury.

“Molefe is also known for performing exceptionally well in all the positions he has occupied and no one can genuinely question his abilities. The ANC has in many of its congresses stressed the importance of attracting and retaining crucial skills necessary for supporting our democracy and helping us achieve the National Democratic Revolution through the National Development Plan (NDP) that our government has adopted. It would not make sense to lose the skills and expertise that someone like Cde Molefe possess,” he said.



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