‘No RDP house for partially blind gogo’

MOTLALEPULA Obusitse (75) who is partially blind said she lost hope of getting an RDP house. Obusitse who is from Modimong village, near Taung, seeks shelter from relatives after her two roomed mud house collapsed while she was inside. 

“My house collapsed recently because of torrential rains. I was forced to find shelter elsewhere along with my two grandchildren. No one is working and we rely on my pensioner’s grant. 

“I am also partially blind since 2012. I applied for an RDP house and back in 2014, the contractor who was supposed to build a house just constructed a foundation only and never came back,” she said.
Obusitse said all her children passed away except the first born (daughter) who went missing until now. 

Mita Ipeleng (65) who is a neighbour said: “We are worried about Motlalepula’s living condition. She is struggling daily and it seems government is doing nothing about it. She was promised an RDP house, however, they built a foundation and left.” 

Greater Taung Local Municipality spokesman, Ricky Olifant said: “We have started with the process of building temporary structures (shanties) for those who were affected by torrential rains. The municipality is also working with other stakeholders to bring stability. 

“We will also address their needs with Local Government and Human Settlements department.” 



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