African National Congress in Bokone Bophirima said it was shocked by racial attacks that continue to take place in the province. 

ANC provincial secretary,  Dakota Legoete said the latest incidents took place in Potchefstroom and Ottosdal.

“In Potchefstroom, a white man was caught on video assaulting and hurling insults at two traffic officials who stopped the car he was travelling in for inspection. In the Ottosdal incident, white men attacked and pointed a gun at black six boys and a woman.


“The ANC strongly condemns these two racial attacks and reiterate that this will not be tolerated in our province and our country. As a movement that played a leading role in liberating our people from the slavery of apartheid, we will continue to frown upon that behaviour and any other acts that seek to demean our people,” Legoete said.


He said it was sickening and unfortunate that 22 years since the dawn of democracy, there are still some white people who do not want to embrace the spirit of reconciliation, respect and tolerance for one another. 

Legoete further said it cannot be that it’s only black people who stretch the hand of reconciliation and some think it’s okay to spit on the efforts the majority of South Africans made to reach a peaceful settlement to reunite this beautiful country.


“We urge our law enforcement agencies to speedily arrest the Potchefstroom culprits and prosecute them for their barbaric acts of racism and abuse of officers of the law who were simply performing their duties as expected. 

“We are happy that police have already made arrests in the Ottosdal case and we urge our members and communities to support the victims throughout the court process and ensure justice is served,” he said.


Legoete said people should refrain from acts of racism. He also urge all citizens, regardless of their race group to participate in the provincial government’s Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal programme.


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