Racial assault condemned

THE physical and racial assault on two black traffic officers in Potchefstroom has drawn strong condemnation from the public and the provincial government. 

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media. From the video, it can be seen that two white men did not take kindly to getting pulled over by two traffic officers, a man and a woman. 

It is alleged that after the officers asked the driver to produce a driver’s licence, he refused and that was when the confrontation started. 

One of the culprits is seen punching the male traffic officer and visibly showed that he was ready for a fight.

Mahumapelo said racial attacks have no place in South African society.

“It is unfortunate that there are still white people who do not want to change their racial behaviour. I am disappointed and angered by some people who are still displaying barbaric acts of racism here in our beautiful province.  These two white male Afrikaners who without any provocation decided to beat our traffic officials simply because they are black.

“They must be arrested and pay for their actions. Racism must not be allowed to exist in this country especially in our province. We are not going to allow situations like these to happen under our watch and the law must take its course,” he said.
In the video footage, one of the white occupants of the car taunted and assaulted an officer after being pulled over for inspection. The assaulted cop only picked up his hat and watched as the two men argued with his other colleagues.
Mahumapelo added that another incident of this nature took place in Ottosdal recently. 
“Few white males also took the law into their own hand and assaulted black people in Ottosdal only on the bases that they are black. I am happy that the police have responded swiftly by arrested these people to answer for their heartless actions. 
“We have already spoken to the police to ensure that the two are arrested. We also want to appeal to everyone in the province to participate in the provincial government’s Reconciliation Healing and Renewal (RHR) programme. I want to urge our people from different race to participate in our RHR programme which intend to deal with challenges such as racism,” he said.
North West police spokesperson, Lt Col Pelonomi Makau said: “The case was opened against two suspects. However, no arrest were made because the case was handed over to the Senior Public Prosecutor to assess the charges. The two suspects were charged with cjrimen injuria and assault. 
“Police are still waiting for the suspects statements and the decision will be taken afterwards.”- Newsnote


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