MEC for tourism in North West, Desbo Mohono has called on municipalities to work together with her department to ensure that their programmes are synergized.

Mohono further said this will develop the tourism industry within the province. 

“It is critical that both spheres of government should be in the same bandwagon in driving the work of government forward. Tourism is one of the critical components of economic development especially at local level. 

“Tourism should also be considered as one of the industries that creates employment and changes people’s lives. Government has thus far managed to fund students who wanted to study tourism in various high institutions of learning,” she said.  

Mohono said they were determined to ensure that they strengthen the relationship between the department by planning together and sharing programmes. 

“We will also ensure that we budget enough to create conducive environment for both spheres of government to work closely and smoothly.

“We urge municipalities to strengthen their bylaws to ensure that their environment remain clean and welcoming for tourists in their towns. Clean environment encourages responsible tourism,” Mohono said.

All municipalities attended the MUNIMEC, agreed that local roads in their respective areas need to be repaired and that signage to various destinations be improved. 

They also agreed that youth programmes were also critical as most young people in their areas are unemployed, but willing to go to institution of higher learning to study further, more especially in the Hotel and hospitality industry.


MUNIMEC is the meeting between the MEC for Tourism and Mayors and Members of the Mayoral Committee of respective municipalities in each district. 

She further said the meeting was among others, aimed at coordinating services and planning together in ensuring that tourism programmes were driven simultaneously with one objective. 

“The meeting is also geared towards ensuring that marketing of Tourism products within respective municipalities is done continuously. This will ensure that both spheres have a common vision of the North West becoming the fourth most preferred tourism destination in the country,” Mohono concluded.      


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