Hartswater’serial rapist gets double life sentences


A 31 YEAR-OLD man was was sanctioned to double life sentence by Hartswater Regional Court over rape.

Northern Cape police spokesperson, Capt Sergio Kock said Mooketsi Chevron Bambiso raped a 43-year-old mentallyill woman

“The atrocity took place on April 6 back in 2008 at about 15:45. The victim was on her way home when she was accosted by the accused. The accused threatened her with a knife, dragged her into the veld and rape her. 

“The police searched for the accused and traced him through DNA and the modus operandi he utilized. Bambiso was traced in prison where he is currently serving a 15-year sentence for two other separate rape cases he committed between 2007 and 2009,” Kock said. 

He further said the rape of the mentally ill victim was the third rape Bambiso committed. Kock said the accused was classified as a serial rapist by the Regional Court.   

The Frances Baard SAPS Cluster Commander, Maj Gen Jean Abrahams lauds Detective Sergeant Tanya Fourie from the Hartswater Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit for a brilliant job done.  

“It is with pride that we see our members working extremely hard to remove criminals from our streets. The convictions result in justice for the victims concerned and the community feel safer when the perpetrators are incarcerated.

 “It also sends out a stern message and when you do crime, you will do the time,” Abrahams said.

Bambiso’ sentences will run concurrently.



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