New potential ‘tourism gem’ found in Taung



MEC for Tourism in the North West Desbo Mohono has uncovered what she called a “potential tourism gem” situated along the banks of Spitskop dam in Kgomotso village outside Taung.

Mohono was accompanied by MEC for community safety and transport management department, Dr Mpho Motlhabane. She immediately called on the Greater Taung local municipality to consider the area as a new economic hub.

“The area stretches for over few kilometres along the Spitskop dam and has beautiful landscape with few birds spices and different types of fishes. We engaged with the municipality to start considering the area and include it in their future plans. It is crucial that there has to be developments in the area so that serious marketing of the area can be done.

“These are some of many areas that are still undiscovered within the province. It is my first time here and I already see potential in this area. The area is good for Tourism and Economic Development and a good potential to implement the Villages Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) concept,” she said.

Mohono further said the area can also be used for recreation as people can venture into different water sport activities. She further said some of the local fishermen we found fishing there.

“There are lots of fishes in the dam and the only challenge is that the fishermen use the conventional way of fishing. They should be using the modern way to make a fortune from the fishes they catch daily. The municipality has also vowed to plan in developing the area,” she said.


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