ANCWL lambasts NWBF over utterances



The fight between ANCWL in Bokone Bophirima and the so-called North West Business Forum (NWBF) is far from over. The ANCWL provincial secretary, Bridgette Mogakwe said they have noted the desperateness in which the so-called North West Business Forum continues to attack the ANC and its other structures.

“The ANCWL would like to make it clear to these frustrated business people that, we are an autonomous structure of the ANC and take our own decisions. We are not confused when we defend the good work that our provincial chairperson, Cde Supra Mahumapelo is doing.

“We talk about something that we and the people of Bokone Bophirima know.

We will not allow anyone who has left the ANC to come back and want to claim control of what they failed to show confidence in. We have worked hard to build the organisation,” Mogakwe said.

She further said it is very clear that there is peace and unity since Mahumapelo was inaugurated as both the ANC Provincial Chairperson and the Premier of North West province. Mogakwe added that they were unmoved by those who left the ANC and lost touch with what is happening in the movement in the process.

“It is because of that lack of knowledge that they are waging a dirty war for resources because they have forgotten the teachings of the ANC.

Our ANC President, Cde Jacob Zuma stressed the importance of unity in struggle in the January 8 Statement. The ANCWL recognises that part of its duty is to defend the ANC.

“Our movement will ensure that we achieve all that we have set out to do for our people. This year’s January 8 Statement called for the celebration of the life of the ANC’s long-serving President, Cde Oliver Reginald Tambo, who unashamedly fought for the emancipation of women,” she said.

Mogakwe further said for the first time in the province, they have a provincial chairperson who lives those values in Mahumapelo. She added that women have found a voice.

“This can be seen in the positions of influence they occupy in the province. From municipalities, to the provincial government administration led by Director General, Dr Lydia Sebego and the South African Police Service, whose Provincial Commissioner is a woman, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane. We also acknowledge the introduction of the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) which is an economic approach. The initiative is a breath of life to our previously neglected poor areas.

“We know that it is largely this policy that is driving the so-called NWBF up the wall. VTSD ensures that even small businesses are empowered. Unlike in the past, when some established business people benefited alone. Our Provincial Chairperson has now opened the space for everyone to benefit,” Mogakwe said.

She further said women and mothers will not allow disgruntled business people to cause chaos in the province. Mogakwe said this will impact on vulnerable people.

“Women are most vulnerable group within the society. The same people who recorded the two songs making rounds on social media are not doing this for the first time. They failed in the past when they tried to sow divisions between Mahumapelo and the former North West premier, Thandi Modise.

“They once released a song attacking Modise. They are trying again and hiding behind supporting the songs because they agree with its content. However, they know very well that they are the funders and creators of these songs,” Mogakwe said.

She said NWBF members are politically bankrupt because they cannot even come out and stand for their own ridiculous acts.

However, NWBF spokesperson, Sello Mogodiri refuted the claims. Mogodiri said they did not produce the songs, however, they endorse them.

“The chicken have come home to roast. Mahumapelo is being given a taste of his own medicine. The NWBF wishes to remind Mahumapelo that during the period leading up to the 2014 general elections, he commissioned derogatory and defamatory music CDs about the then outgoing North West premier, Thandi Modise.

“In his desperate attempt to ascend to power by discrediting her, he also organized service delivery protests against Modise’s administration. So, the production of CDs has always been his idea,” he said.


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