Malema is ‘a special kind of stupid’, says Kunene

The Sushi King says the EFF leader is a ‘confused revolutionary’.

Businessman and former EFF member Kenny Kunene launched yet another attack on EFF leader Julius Malema on Thursday morning.

Kunene launched several attacks on the EFF leader last year. On Thursday morning, he called the EFF leader “a confused revolutionary” who “envies the oppressor”.

“You want land back from them. Never envy the oppressor. You do and even wear their hats. You must be a special kind of a confused revolutionary,” said Kunene on Twitter.

He slated Malema for voting the Democratic Alliance (DA) into power during the 2016 local government elections. The EFF voted in favour of the DA to take metros Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay from the ANC, for the first time since the dawn of democracy.

“You vote for land and wealth thieves for them to bring back and strengthen a system that allowed them to steal. You must be a special kind of stupid aren’t you.”

The party has since been under fire from some of its supporters and others who believed the move to install the DA into power was an act of “selling out”. These detractors, like Kunene, believe the DA is a party that represents only the needs of white people in the country.

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