A mother killed, children injured


A mother was killed, three children, including a one year old toddler sustained various injuries when two vehicles collided head on with each other on the N12 outside of Potchefstroom
this evening.

ER24 spokesperson, Werner Vermaak said: “Paramedics from ER24 arrived on the scene where they found one of the vehicles in the veld next to the road. 

“Some of the occupants were found ejected from one
of the vehicles, including the one year old toddler. The toddler was in a critical condition. The other two children sustained moderate injuries.”

Wermaak said the mother sustained fatal injuries and there was nothing that paramedics could do.

“She was later
declared dead on the scene. The driver, believed to be the father, was found inside of the vehicle. He sustained minor injuries.

“Two occupants were found on the scene from the other vehicle. One of the occupants sustained moderate injuries. The other occupants were assessed on scene, but later declined to
be transported to hospital,”he said.

Wermaak said the injured occupants were rushed to Potchefstroom Provincial Hospital for further medical care. 

“The exact circumstances surrounding the collision is not yet known. Local authorities
attended the scene.” 



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