Dikwena to do reinforcement

Platinum Stars will be in the market in order to strengthen the current squad.

The January transfer season opened on Tuesday and Dikwena General Manager Senzo Mazingiza revealed to Platinumstars.com that the club will be on the lookout for players that coach Cavin Johnson desires to have in his squad. 

“Obviously we have to support the coach and the team. We have to look at two or three players just to reinforce in this window to ensure that we solidify our position in the league. We will make announcements as soon as we finalize with the individuals that we have already identified,” said Mazingiza.

At the beginning of the season Dikwena didn’t do much in the transfer window but promoted close to ten youngsters from the club’s development. Mazingiza says the club will do everything in its power to get desirable players with the teams’ budget. 

“We cannot act like we have got big budgets. The reason we promoted youngsters was for two fold. One our youngsters were ready to be promoted and two we had to tighten our budget. The economic environment is clearly not favouring us. I know we are not alone in that boat. Anything we do we have to be cognizant of the budget,” said Mazingiza. 

Mazingiza says Johnson and the club have been engaging on the players and areas where the team needs reinforcements. Mazingiza has stressed that the club will throw its weight behind the coach in order to get the players. 

“The coach is the boss of this team. Our role as management is to provide a conducive environment for him to operate. One of the things we have to provide is the players. If we identify two or three players and we are able to lure them, we have to do that. We have ongoing discussion with the coach. We engage with the coach,” said Mazingiza. 

“When we will go out to look for players, we do it together with the coach. It’s not an isolated arrangement. We are aware that there are two or three players that the coach has put on the table and he wants us to get them. We will do our best to get the players.”taungdailynews@gmail.com


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