‘Road carnage soars as figures hit 800’

Picture: (Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters during #RideWise campaign in Potchefstroom)


South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) said authorities must increase visibility and intensify zero tolerance to reduce carnage on public roads. 

 Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters released a shocking statistics that revealed a staggering 17 % increase in road fatalities compared to last year.

SANCO National spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu said: “Motorists should also play their part by observing the rules of the road, adhering to speed limits, avoiding to drink and drive, texting and using cellphones while driving.” 

Over 800 people have died on the country’s roads since 1 December.

Mahlangu called for expansion as well as the effectiveness of road safety education and awareness campaigns. He further said speedy turnaround of blood samples for prosecution of drunken driving offenders shall be prioritised.

“Deployment of traffic officers for 24-hour road traffic operations as well as the overtime they have to perform must be cost-effective, specifically targeted at accident prone hotspots and deliver results. Allocated resources must save valuable lives and not just be extra pay,” he said.

Mahlangu added that the escalating annual death toll on public roads is placing tremendous strain on the economy as well as the country’s health care system.





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