The department to celebrate Nutrition Week in Koster

The North West department of Education and Sport Development will be highlighting National Nutrition Week from 09-15 October 2016.

Education and sport development department newsly-appointed spokesperson, Freddy Sepeng said the provincial theme for 2016 “Love your beans – eat dry beans, peas and lentils!” is targeted at consumers in general to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of legumes/ dry seeds as part of sustainable food production. 

“Because of their high nutritional value, legumes are greatly a part of our National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) and are recommended for our learners as a source of protein and for preventing non-communicable diseases and obesity,” Sepeng said.

The provincial nutrition week will be held at Moitshoki Mofenyi Primary School, Koster at 10:00am.

“Key issues including eating healthy, guidance of right portion sizes and right amount of food groups, dangers of overloading and how to avoid overeating will be tackled during this week.

“The message for this campaign is in line with the international theme from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations-‘2016 International Year of Pulses:  Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future,” he said.


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