‘Woman accused of witchcraft’



A 79-YEAR-OLD woman from Klipgat was assaulted and threatened after being accused of witchcraft. North West police urged community members to report criminal activities taking place within their vicinities. This comes after it was established that some of criminal activities were not reported.

North West police spokesperson, Brig Sabata Mokgwabone said subsequently, police will only become aware of such incidents through the media while no case was registered.

“It is imperative that crime is reported on time to the police as this will also assist during investigation including attending of crime scenes before they become contaminated. The witchcraft incident was not reported to the police.

“While victims of crime have a right to communicate with the media about crime related incidents affecting them, it is equally important that such incidents are reported to the police for investigation,” Mokgwabone said.

He said the community is requested to have trust in the police and work together with the Community Police Forum (CPF) for any policing related challenges. Mokgwabone added that this will also ensure that incidents get proper attention.

“It is also incumbent on crime reporters and journalists to confirm such incidents with the police. This will assist in balancing the story and contribute towards protecting the rights of victims through actions that will be taken once a case is reported.
“The community is once more urged to refrain from illegal and criminal activities by taking the law into their own hands. The police will not hesitate to take action against those who disrespect the rule of law because when found guilty, they are likely to serve lengthy jail terms,” he said. – TDN



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