Trevor Noah’s show reaches nearly 8 million viewers

After a year as host of the US satirical television programme The Daily Show, the charismatic South African Trevor Noah, seems to have cemented his place on the prime-time slot.

The much-loved show was hosted by a big name in comedy circles in Jon Stewart for 16 years.

When Noah took over from last year, many were sceptical that if the South African possed had the necessary ability to live up to match that of Stewart’s standards or sustain the viewership. A year later, it seems Noah has proved the naysayers wrong.

Fresh audience figures show that Comedy Central’s Daily Show has reached a weekly, multiplatform audience of nearly 8 million viewers during the third quarter of 2016, the channel said.

The series has now approached nearly 1 billion video views since its premiere in September 2015, including more than 100 million full-episode streams.

The Daily Show also continued its dominant position among Comedy Central US’s core, millennial audience, extending its streak as the most-watched daily late night talk show among millennial men to four consecutive quarters in the key demographics during quarter three.

Noah‘s grasp of current issues and charisma seem to be attracting a younger viewership. “As the only millennial host during the late night, the audience for The Daily Show is expanding to better represent Noah’s generation, broadening its multicultural base of viewers who made up 25 percent of the adult 18-34 demographic and 20 percent of the adult 18-49 demographic.

”The channel praised the show for hisits quality content, saying it remained the most upmarket and educated of all the late night talk shows.

Source: The Star


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