‘MEC to address pupils on safety measures’



MEC for community safety and transport management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane said they aimed to change learners’ attitude towards road safety. Motlhabane said they will embark on educational flagship programme.

“Our programme is targeting Grade 10 and 11 pupils. We will host the Participatory Education Techniques (PET) at Barolong Boo Raa Tshidi Community Hall on Friday. We aim at changing learners’ attitude towards road safety issues. The purpose of this is to encourage pupils to be aware of road safety challenges in their community.

“Teaching pupils to take responsibilities regarding road safety is key. We urge the communities also to take part. This will enhance pupils to present good communication and listening skills. They will also participate in a practical presentation session,” Motlhabane said.

He further said they were touched by the losses of innocent lives of pupils on the roads. Motlhabane added that the safety of pupils was a priority.

“We need to create safe and secure environment includes while the pupils are ferried to and from various schools. We are working in partnership with education and sport development department to address this matter,” he said.

North West education and sport development department spokesperson, Elias Malindi said: “Our curriculum on Life Orientation has a chapter where pupils are taught about road safety. We have also partnered with SANRAL where pupils participate in safety education.

“This also allows schools to source based material on safety. We also working together with community safety and transport management department and established scholar patrol teams. Participative Education Technique will assist in curbing the carnage.”

He also added they have introduced a learner’s license project at high schools. Malindi said pupils at high schools are introduced to driving lesson skills so that they can be better road users.

“Road safety measures are introduced to all users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Our detailed presentation is also introduced to School Governing Bodies (SGB), parents, LRC learners, teachers and all stakeholders,” he said.




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