Malefa Makhubo stands at the door of the church in Makgolokoeng kasi. Photo by Ishmael Ntholeng

PEDESTRIANS and motorists can’t stop staring at this church every time they pass by. 

This is because the church in Makgolokoeng, near Harrismith in the Free State, is made up of road signs!

Motorists have complained about the church, which they call a shack, but members say it’s a holy house of God. 

Church member Malefa Makhubo (50) said it was built with old sign boards after a construction company replaced the signs in 2012. Her dead husband, who worked for the company, collected them.

“Because the church that people used to attend was far away, residents decided to build their own. The church is helping us spiritually. I wonder why people have been complaining as we didn’t steal the signs.”

“My husband saw the signs could have a use and God gave us his blessing. The church gets people’s attention and is easy to find for people who want to come and serve God.”

It wasn’t a good idea to build a church with road signs, claimed one motorist. “We get lost on these roads because some signs are faded, but this structure was built with signs that are easy to read.

“The signs don’t look old or faulty, so why were they replaced?” the motorist wanted to know.

Department of roads and transport spokeswoman Hillary Mophethe said they had a procedure for disposing of old sign boards through a service provider.

“We don’t send old signs for recycling or throw them away. The way we dispose of them is through auctions. The church will be 

Source: Daily Sun


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