Mark Zinde murder case postponed

Mark appeared in the Brits Magistrate Court last month where his case was postponed.

The court was expected to hear feedback from the hospital on his mental state after 30 days of evaluation.

Zinde, who appeared in the Brits Regional Court in July, was admitted to Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation as per an order by the magistrate.

Zinde’s lawyer has indicated that the application for psychiatric evaluation was brought forth by Hope Zinde back in 2013. Before her death she did sight some changes in Mark, he had withdrawal symptoms, he was allegedly aggressive and violent in his behavior and at times he would lock himself up in his room.

Mark Zinde is accused of killing his mother Hope Zinde, a well known media personality, at their home in Peacanwood Estate in the North West.

Hope Zinde’s body was found in a boot of a car and it is believed she was killed days before she was found.

Zinde is facing a charge of murder and another of possession of illegal drugs.


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