EFF MP retracts her ‘R3m bribery’ claims

Betty Diale


ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters provincial chairperson Betty Diale was left with an egg on her face after the North West provincial legislature deputy speaker, Jane Manganye forced her to retract her R3m bribery claim.

ANC North West provincial Legislature Chief Whip, Hoffman Galeng also lambasted the manner in EFF provincial chairperson, Betty Diale conducted herself during the legislative sitting on last week Tuesday.

Diale alleged that ANC won Rustenburg local municipality after possibly bribing small parties to get their votes.

“ANC did not win Rustenburg local municipality on its own. They needed assistance of smaller parties to win. There was a missing R3m from Rustenburg local municipality, and it was possibly used to bribe people,” Diale said.

Diale was tricked by Portfolio committee member statement, Motlalepula Rosho when she said ANC won all local municipalities in the province including Rustenburg.

However, chair of chairs, Itumeleng Mosala who was the presiding officer requested Diale to retract her statement or provide substantial evidence to support her derogatory statement.

She said she was certain about what she said and cannot degrade herself by making false statement. Diale also added that she will bring prove in the next sitting to support her statement.

However, Diale failed to submit evidence to support her statement during House Sitting on Tuesday. North West provincial legislature deputy speaker, Jane Manganye said Diale failed to submit her evidence to back-up her claims.

“We will request EFF member of legislature, Betty Diale to retract her statement because she has not submitted her substantial evidence to support her statement,” she said.

Diale said: “I will retract my statement pending investigations on the matter. The investigations are underway from our side as EFF.”

Galeng said members should refrain from making such derogatory statements.

“It is tantamount for political leaders to mislead the house without substantial evidence. We cannot make careless statements. The public has now developed a keen interest on the matter, but now there is no evidence.

“We will never bribe people as the ruling party. We have won all municipalities across the province fair and square. We will also take steps as the ruling party because the statement is serious allegations,” he said.