DA: ‘ANC in Matlosana to spend R1m on inaugural party’

ANC Members 1


The Democratic Alliance in Matlosana said they condemn the wasteful expenditure on taxpayers’ money. The DA councillor, Maritha Coetzee said ANC is planning to have R1m party in September.

Coetzee said they objected the matter, however ANC overruled it. She said the executive mayor and the acting municipal manager resolved and submitted an item to council to host the executive mayoral inauguration on September 9 at Jouberton stadium for 8000 people.

This will cost the taxpayers R1 million.

“This is contradictory to Treasury MFMA Circular 82 which states that “excessive and wasteful expenditure has to be reduced” and “restrictions are placed on conferences, catering, and entertainment and social functions. ANC-led council approved this exorbitant and wasteful expenditure anyway.

“This circular also warns against financing of social functions by any suppliers or sponsors. Nevertheless, the ANC is awaiting donations from ABSA and ESKOM respectively, stating that information regarding these donations will be revealed at the next council sitting which will only happen after the planned inauguration,” she said.

“There is no doubt that the ANC has no intention to ensure that public funds are appropriately utilised or to address economic challenges. We are shocked by ANC remarks that R1 million is not a lot of money.

“We disagree and are convinced it can at least contribute in repairing or replacing much needed service delivery vehicles for a start. This is just another way of how the ANC fails the people of Matlosana,” Coetzee said.

She added that Matlosana is an area where poverty and unemployment are huge challenges. Coetzee said luxury like this party is a disgrace to the people of the area.

NB: ANC was not available for comment before going to print.



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