‘Tshimo Ya Kgosi’ To Get More Resources

North West Legislature Agriculture Committee to Approach Department of Agriculture for Additional Resources for Cattle
breeders Under “Tshimo ya Kgosi” programme at Zeerust.

The North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Rural, Environment and Agriculture Development will approach
the Department of Rural Environment and Agricultural Development to provide agricultural resources which includes water supply; land for cattle breeding and additional training to cattle breeders under
Tshimo ya Kgosi programme in Gopane and Motshana villages in Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality.

The Committee went to assess the programme which was launched by the MEC for the department,
Manketse Tlhape in 2014 where amongst the beneficiaries, Kgosi Ikalafeng Lencoe of Moshana and Kgosi Kereeditse Gopane of Gopane villages received twenty-five (25) pregnant heifers; 1 bull; feeds and medication. 

The programme which is in line with the National
Department of Agriculture’s Fetsa Tlala poverty alleviation programme, aims to encourage the use of
arable land for agriculture and food production.

Kgosi  Lencoe of Bahurutshe Ba Ga Lencoe said the farm where the cattle are kept, has scarce water and feeding recourses.

“We are situated near a desert-like environment which has experienced severe drought in the past years. Since the department brought cattle to our farm, they have not
assisted us with any agricultural resources,” said Kgosi Lencoe.


Kgosi Gopane of Bahurutshe Bo Gopane raised a serious concern on lack of training on cattle farming which resulted in the community loosing several calves.

“I have requested more training from the department on how to improve our farming skills. We have also asked for a farm were we can keep the cattle as we do not own the
current farm. Our communal land is overpopulated for grazing,” said Kgosi Gopane.


The Acting Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Mahlakeng Mahlakeng assured the traditional leaders that all their complaints will be forwarded to the department and will
arrange a joint oversight for re-visit some of the projects.

“We will convene a meeting with the department to fast track the matter of acquiring land for the cattle and additional training and feeds, as deemed fit for a Chiefs.
The intended objective of this poverty alleviation programme will not be feasible if there is no land provided for the cattle to stay and graze on,”said Hon. Mahlakeng. The Committee has resolved to meet the department within 14 days.


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