‘Taung to get a new stadium’


NORTH West Premier Supra Mahumapelo said his plan and vision to the prime engine of metropolitan growth is rural-to-urban migration.

Mahumapelo said the provincial government will turn most rural areas into cities.

“The engineers and surveyors from public works department visited Taung on Wednesday. The aim is to build a stadium in the area and turn it into a city. 

“Our fifth administration decided to capacitate Village, Town and Small Dorpies (VTSD) initiative. The most common factor contributing to rural-to-urban migration is rural unemployment resulting in part from rural areas having higher fertility levels than urban areas,” he said.

Mahumapelo added that a shortage of basic technology in rural areas also promotes out-migration and environmental degradation. He said this has led to a serious shortage of arable land in many communities throughout the developing world. 

“While the growth of cities can contribute to economic progress, the study notes that problems arise when urbanization occurs so rapidly that it strains the ability of urban governments to provide housing, sanitation, public safety, and other necessary services and when there are not enough jobs,” he said.

Greater Taung Local Municipal Manager, Katlego Gabanakgosi said they met with public works department to do observation of the location.

“We have identified the location along N18 between Pudimoe and Taung. The process has not been implemented yet. 

“We will meet with our community to inform them about the initiative. The public works department will then implement the project after reaching an agreement,” Gabanakgosi said.

Taung Civic Organisation, Tsibogo Ya Taung chairperson, Goitseone Legodu said: “We welcome the project and hope it will benefit the community of Taung. We urge that correct protocol be followed to avoid project hindrance.”



2 thoughts on “‘Taung to get a new stadium’

  1. Good news indeed,but its gonna take us some time to turn rural into urban,its a good idea to buil a stadium and most of all i like Mr Legodu’s conclusion of making sure that the correct protocol will be followed.

    Thank you premier


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