EFF provincial chairperson ‘under siege’ over R3m bribery claims

Betty Diale

Picture: (EFF Provincial Chairperson, Betty Diale)


NORTH West Provincial Legislature Speaker Sussana Dantjie said she was disenchanted by the dismay attribute made by EFF provincial chairperson, Betty Diale during North West provincial legislature House Sitting on Tuesday.

Diale who is a lawyer by profession, alleged that ANC did not win Rustenburg. She added that the ruling party needed the support of minority parties to win the municipality.

“ANC did not win Rustenburg local municipality on its own. They needed assistance of smaller parties to win. There was a missing R3m from Rustenburg local municipality, and it was possibly used to bribe people,” Diale said.

Diale was asked to retracted her statement or submit a substantial evidence to back up her claims. However she refused and said she will bring prove of her claims during the next sitting.

“I am certain about what I said. I cannot degrade myself by making false statement. I will bring prove in the next sitting to support my statement,” Diale said.

Dantjie said that whilst members of the provincial legislature enjoy the protection of the law for any statements they make during the debates in the house, however she cautioned them to refrain from making such statements.

“Members should at all times remember that the role of the legislature is law making, oversight and to enhance public participation through robust informative and educative debates. They should refrain from the temptation of abusing the privileges and protection they have.

“It is quiet regrettable that in this instance, Diale allowed excitement to take the better of her and made such unsubstantiated wild accusations that does not only degrade the majority party, but also borders on insulting the people of Rustenburg,” she said.

Dantjie added that people of Rustenburg did not have the opportunity to defend themselves.

“Diale and all members are lawmakers. They should know better that bribery is a criminal offence in South Africa. Anyone who has facts on such acts should report it to the law enforcement agencies. Failure to do so is also an offence.

“Members of the legislature should at all times lead by example and avoid the temptation of abusing their power and privileges. They should not use debates as a platform to insult the integrity of our people as the good lawyer seems to be doing,” she said.

North West provincial legislature Chief Whip, Hoffman Galeng lambasted the way in manner Diale conducted herself.

Galeng said if a member has evidence in whatever she/he said, they will submit that as a notice of motion in line with the legislative rules.

“It is tantamount for political leaders to mislead the house without substantial evidence. I am very pleased that Diale said she does have evidence that the ANC has bribed people to the tune of R3m.

“It will be very much interesting to see that evidence and that will indicate who bribed who. It will also be surprising for Diale to have that kind of evidence, but still did not take that evidence to the relevant law enforcement authorities,” Galeng said.

He added that bribery is regarded as a criminal offence. Galeng also said Diale was supposed to lay criminal charges against those who did that as it has been three weeks since the elections.

“We will further advice her to lay charges against the perpetrator/s. Her statement leaves many questions than answers because she is a lawyer by profession, but decided to sit on evidence like this.

“The public has now developed a keen interest on the matter as she alleged that the ANC bribed people to win Rustenburg local municipality. We will also take serious steps as the ruling party because the statement is serious allegations,” he said.

North West provincial legislature provincial chair of chairs, Itumeleng Mosala said necessary procedures will be followed to address the matter.

“We will follow the legislative process and let the law takes it course. The matter will be adjourned and allow the EFF provincial chairperson, Betty Diale to provide evidence on the matter,” Mosala said.



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