Greater Taung gets new council


Picture: (EFF councillors inaugurated at Greater Taung local municipality)


GREATER Taung local municipality held its council inauguration at Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre on Tuesday. Incumbent councillor, Ebusang Tladi was elected as a new speaker for the municipality.

The municipality was one of highly-contested during recent local government. Even though Greater Taung local municipality was a stronghold for the ruling party, most independent candidates who registered with IEC were from this municipality.

Tladi said hard work has began now. He said they will make sure that they address socio-economic issues affecting the people of Taung at large.

“It is an honour for me to be bestowed with these responsibilities. ANC saw it robust for me to lead the municipality, and I will not disappoint. We will make sure that good governance prevails. We will also build upon an effective interface between political office bearers, political structures, councillors and officials.

“We will make sure that the delegations of appropriate powers achieve maximum operational and administrative efficiency. As the speaker, councillors will be urged to conduct monthly meetings with their communities across and adhere to submit their monthly reports. They need to perform their duties and show high performance,” Tladi said.

He added that the municipality had improved in the past five years. He further said they will create job opportunities for unemployed youth and support entrepreneurship.

Tladi said they will also organise a council meeting soon to outline strategic plans going forward.

Economic Freedom Fighters regional secretary in Dr Ruth Mompati district said: “We have six councillors that will serve the people at Greater Taung local municipality. We will also make sure that our people are well-represented. Despite Taung being predominately rural, the area is rich with minerals. We want to see the diamond mine being operational in the area.”

ANC won the municipality with 64.84% and wins 34 seats. EFF received 12.26% and have six seats and F4SD received 6.6% with 3 seats.


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