‘Rustenburg local municipality up for grab’



ANC is at the verge of losing Rustenburg local municipality to novice political party, Forum for Service Delivery. Economic Freedom Fighters president, Julius Malema announced on Wednesday during press conference that they will vote for F4SD in Rustenburg.

“We are content to announce that there is no deal between EFF and ANC. We held talks with the Democratic Alliance, which is the party of white racists. They called us and highlighted that they want to talk to us about coalition. We’ve put similar conditions to DA. We wanted expropriation of the land without any compensation. However, they said they do not have power. We also asked them to nationalize mines which are predominately owned by whites.

“We also asked them to remove “The Stem” from our national anthem because it symbolizes apartheid. The EFF will be assuming its seats as oppositions. The party must earn its position in municipalities not through shortcuts,” Malema said.

He also lambasted his political party member who threatened EFF for positions. Malema said they are building EFF from the ground and through intensive programmes.

“All those who want to be in PR positions and threatened the party, we will be taking disciplinary measures against them. We will not be neutral and we will be voting for F4SD in Rustenburg. We will vote for them and not derail service delivery because of ideological differences.

“The ANC will not get a single vote from us. The DA will get our vote in Johannesburg if they adhere to one condition we’ve put to them. We do not want to occupy any position in all municipalities,” he said.

Malema said they will not co-govern and compromise the brand called EFF. He added that DA was a better devil compared to the ANC.

“There is no difference between ANC and DA because they all protect the white minority. However ANC is more corrupt compared to the ANC.”

Malema said he was impressed by F4SD.

“They committed themselves to buy school shoes for children in Rustenburg. We believe that no child should go to school without shoes. We are very grateful to be associated with people who have interest of the communities at hearts.

“We voted against the ANC on August 3 and we cannot go into bed with them. Everyone must understand in South Africa, the ANC has gone beyond 55%. Something has gone extremely wrong at ANC,” Malema said.

F4SD national convener in North West, Mbahare Kekana said they have reached an agreement with other political parties to have a minority council in Rustenburg.

Our source confirmed that F4SD mayoral candidate, Rocky Malebana Metsing might become the new mayor for Rustenburg local municipality.

The F4SD will also take over the position of speaker and other MMC positions. DA is likely to occupy MMC position for Finance and Infrastructure.

ANC failed to win Rustenburg local municipality outright and received 48.56% with 43 seats; EFF received 26.76% with 24 seats. DA received 16% with 14 seats, while F4SD received 4.06% with 4 seats.



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