‘Contravention notices imposed on a chicken farm owner’


Picture: (Chicken Farm) 

THE labour department has vowed to deal harshly with companies that continue to contravene labour laws and regulations across North West. The department has added more contravention notices on the list of a Zeerust chicken-farm employer.

Labour department provincial spokesperson, Orpa Mathabe said the employer was previously given 14 working days to comply with labour laws.

“The owner did not register his employees with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). They were also working without being issued with a pay slips. The employer also hit with more contravention notices because he failed to observe health and safety rules as stipulated by the Act,” Mathabe said.

Labour department inspector, Seswai Nchabeleng said: “Another visit had to be done to ascertain that the employer adheres to Occupational Health and Safety Act so that the workplace does not pose danger to the health and safety of workers.

“We indicated that the employer failed to keep the incident and personal protective equipment registers as required by the law and that there was no risk assessment conducted. The General Safety Regulation 2 (1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 requires that an employer indicates the risks associated with the type of business he does.”

Nchabeleng added that the risk register must show the severity of the risks as well as the measures that the employer was taking to control the situation.

“The employer is given 60 days to comply as per the contravention notices given to him. What employers need to know is that the Labour department inspectors are available to give them guidelines and advices so as to assist them to be compliant as their failure to comply after 60 days may be deemed to be disregarding the labour laws,” he said.




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